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RASS Portoflio.


RASS intern, Faye Watt, has created a promotional portfolio for River and Sea Sense. The portfolio highlights RASS’ aims and objectives, achievements and awards,  discusses our major projects such as Water Safety Map and our school visits that educate children on the dangers of water. Take a look to find out why RASS’  work is so important.

To view our portfolio, click here.









Chris xxx

A strong, handsome young man, an excellent swimmer, rugby player, leader and a good friend. On this fatal day no one could save him. One of his close friends tried but the current prevailed. After a lengthy search a team of divers retrieved his body at 7.03 that evening.

Precious memories, his gold 3 Welsh feathers necklace which was found with him, a lock of his ebony black hair and some personal effects – all of which now are priceless.

I cried until my tears ran dry, I ached so much I thought I would die, I counted every rainbow that came at a time when I needed him close. I walk to Angel Bay, another of his favourite places to look for my angel and find peace.

Comfort came from my family and close friends with large shoulders to cry on, an amazing Medium named Margaret who gave me strength and hope, many spiritual messages, incredible facts and a deep understanding that touched my very soul. Belief that Chris has moved on to better things.

My aim is to educate school children as to the dangers of water to help prevent this terrible tragedy happening again.  Hence the birth of River And Sea Sense of which to date I have spoken to almost 50,000 schoolchildren in North Wales.

I will never be a proud Mum at his wedding, a mother-in-law or a granny.

I had my son for 15, almost 16 wonderful years, I thank my husband John for that most precious gift. His grief is so silent but his pain is so strong.

Christopher James David Turnbull, you’re the World’s greatest.”

Debbie Turnbull

As part of the BBC Capture Wales programme Debbie Created this video in honor of Christopher, it can be viewed via the BBC website… find out more