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Chris’ ShoutBox

This is a legacy page memorial page that was previously powered by the popular ‘Piczo Shoutbox’ system.

Support for this has since lapsed, hence we have preserved some of the content as a record.


MUM: HI CJ, Missing you more than ever. Moving house has been nice and the views are amazing – the house is so much better than where we were. Its nice to cook in a decent oven for one thing. My friends love it too and love the gardens and the views. The kitchen is great and I love cooking and at the moment Harry has claimed the verandah as his own. I’ve planted it with some lovely flowers for your 18th Birthday instead of taking a wreath to Capel. Hope all our news is good for the end of the month. !!! This is the BIG one CJ pls help. Love and miss u so much. Been 2 Angel Bay with Harry 2 day. To see it from the kitchen is the best. xx4 ever 2 gether MUM xxxxxxxx

MUM: Hey You. Settling in now still cleaning up puppy pooh though. I just wish you could be here my angel. I still get so overwhelmingly sad. thanks 4 the rainbow 2 day just when i was unpacking ur photos and clothes that are left. I cried so much when I got your school ties and just cant part with them. Ur holiday sandals still smell of ur sweaty feet. Its lovely. !!! Well its all there is. Love u 4 ever and always. Mum xxxxxxx

nana: Hi sweetheart, hope u are looking down on us, been helping mumto move, it is a lovely house, u would have loved having you own rooms down strairs. still miss u so much, and love u, had a weep today when I think of u, looking at photies and so long for u to be here with us, just know we love u and miss u so much, take care my lovely grandson. sleep tight hugs and kisses xxxx

MUM: Hi angel. Been moving all week. So tired now. Its lovely and the views are awesome. Still lots 2 do but I love it. Left all the bad memories behind and just taken the good ones and ur BBQ !!Feel closer 2 u than ever now and love walking Harry around the Rugby Club. nice to be not there anymore. Wish u were here in reality but I know u r in spirit and am looking 4 ward to walking the Bryn and seeing where u went there. xxx4 ever 2 gether xxMUM xx

MUM: Hey You 18 Today. – I wish so much I could hug you for one last time 2 day. I’m going to the garden centre for some plants to plant in the tubs for you. No need to go to Capel – as I know you’ll be kicking ur rugby ball round the rugby field. It hurts Chris just hurts. xxxxxx MUM Love u 2 gether forever always.
nana: hi seetheart, still missing u so much think of u everyday, still keep asking why? just wish I could see u coming down the drive and wave to u or go to Cheshire Oaks, would have loved to be if not at your birthday to share some of it with u, u would probably wanted your friends and that then another with us oldies. love & miss u some much, still cry for u, but I have to be brave. have a bit hug and xxx jucst for u give guto one too, luv u bye nana

Mum: Hi CJ. Its been har since Dad has changed his job. I guess I am getting used to it. The times they are a changing as they say. We hope 2 move soon – I’m pleased but scared of how I will feel over the next few weeks. Already I have been in the attic – there are things there that I bought for us to move 2 yrs ago and it makes me cry. Why could u not be here now to meet Harry and help me pack up to go somewhere you would have loved to live. I’m giving myself 3 months now to sort out my/our life. Moving will be hard – I hope I can walk away OK. I’m sure really that u will b over the moon. Oops I’ve just seen the funny side of that one. I love you. MUM xxx





MUM: Hi Angel. Feel so sad today. I’ve washed the T Shirt yesterday that u wore on the day and that I have kept under my pillow for 2 yrs. I knew I had to do it. I’ve cried so much on it. Its just another part of you gone 4 ever. I guess my Kim and Aggis style – lets clean up the house has made me do it too. Missing u loads and loads – weekends are still the worst. I’m still just lost. Hey, I’m 50 too at xmas !!!!! Well, its no big deal – without you. Miss U. MUM xxxxxxxxxx

MUM: August a rotten month. Tried so hard to be normal – but what is that. I only hope things will get better now. I miss u so much and still hurt like u would not beleive. I ache all over and have again shed so many tears too. I just wish I could have one last hug. Live in the sky CJ LOVE YOU 4 EVER.
nana: Hi sweetheart, still missing u and did not stop thinking of you, we were in IOm and went to a lovely church, the sun came through and hit the red in the coloured glass window right on the edge of the flowers I said it was you said a little pray for you, miss u and love u bye for now xxx

MUM: Hi u. Well, the bubbles have fizzled out for a little while but i’m sure they will be back !! A tough week to come – but I know we all have to go through it. The pictures of you seem so fresh and vibrant. Missing you soooooooo much and love you with all my heart. xxxxxxxxxMUM

MUM: Hey CJ. I’ve got the SWEETEST feeling. This weekend it was the ES Weekend in your memory !!!! I know I dont need to tell you so I wont. I KNOW U were there. James Stone came today and BLEW us all away. There was so much passion and compassion this weekend and the support was SIMPLY THE BEST – U R a STAR I could not have done it without u. I felt U there. I know I need to rest now – Dr Tom C says so !!!! He is amazing !!!! Reece has blown me away too this week. Chris – it just gets better. I dont know what to say. Simply – I L O V E Y O U. Thank you for the Rainbows. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

MUM: 23rd July – Time is flowing by and so much is happening in my life now I cant keep up. Been poorly – again – i guess that’s just the way it is. Emergency Services Weekend coming soon and I’m so excited and nervous too as usual. just want to get better. More tears too but getting stronger and know u r there for me. Got some lovely frames for your pics last week and its nice to see your pics when I wake up. I’ve looked at you so many times I know every bit of your face. Ur Gorges !!!!!!! I love you so much and will never give up doing what I do for you no matter what. I WISH to god u were here. Love you 4 ever 2 gether. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMum-

nana: Hi sweetheart, here I am again, still thinkging of u and missing u, would love to hear your voice again, but u are always in my mind, and still be loved wherever u are. what would u have been up to now I wonder, papa still misses u we do talk about u all the time. Take care my lovely grandson, love u, byee,xxx
nana: Hi sweetheart, here I am again, still missing u like mad, just wish I could c u coming down the drive, dreamt about u the other night, so real, I had a bad night had some teeth out and it was really sore, so I think u came to me to comfort me, I believe that any way. How r u, my sweet, hope u are alright up there and they are treating u well, time is flying by, it seems to long since I saw u, c your photo every day and still talk to u, u would say I was daft. Love and miss u so much take care, god bless xfor nana xxfor guto xxxfor u

MUM: 4783 Hits 14th june 08 xxxxxxxxxxx

MUM: Its Fathers Day this weekend. These days come around too soon. I’ve given Dad the desk I bought with your money so he can use it at home for his new job. He is looking forward to it too. I’ve started mine too. It’s so tiring i just hope I can do it. The money would be fantastic. I only wish with all my heart I could have done all these things when you were here . We could have done more together maybe. I met a police member last night at a business meeting I went to. He was there on the day when we came to see where we lost you in Capel and I havent seen him since. I broke down and just cried and cried so much. He is really nice and wants to help with the project. I’m going to help him too with his business. My new job has enabled me to make some good appointments in schools to do talks too so hope we can raise some funds from that to sustain everything.. Please keep me strong – I ache for you so much and there really are some awfull days and nights. Missing U xxxx

nana: Hi sweetheart, here I am again only for a little while though I will try not to get too soopy, Miss u so much and think about u all the time, not been too well but I am now feeling a bit better, must be down to all that has gone on. Just wish I could see and hold u and take u to Cheshire Oaks again , we did enjoy our little trips there, me and u. How are u in your heaven up there, hope you looking down on us and saying you fools? Give a big kiss to Dolly and Guto and a hug, tell them I miss them both so much it seems all of you went, so soon look after yourselves, goodnigh & god bless sweetheart. luv u xxx

MUM: Hi Angel. Well – what can I say? Things they are a changing !! I think I can just about see the wood through the trees. And the wood’s looking good!!! I think I could write a book already at this stage about the last 21 months. Well – the book is well on its way. I have grown and learned so very much about myself and about people and the days each and every one of them seem to teach me more and more. I guess its what you would have wanted. I hope you will be proud. I love you more each day and each day you make me stronger. Listening to your music too is the best – and your songs crop up in the strangest of places !!! I KNOW they have to be signs. I hear you. xxx 4 EVER 2 GETHER – I LOVE you with all my heart. xx

Nana: Hi my sweetheart, just been away had a nice time but spoke about u every day, how I miss u, wish I could just hold u and take u to Cheshire oaks, did enjoy our time there together, u saying thats nice, me saying go on then. sorry I have to have a moment, when I see your lovely face in front od me I wonder why, so in vain. Love & miss u more than I can say. Will still talk to u every day, even if I dont come on the web site, love you my lovely grandson and miss u so , will have to goas I cant do this for long slep tight, hugs & kisses xxx

Hi CJ: Hello my angel> How’s it going in your castle in the sky. Well its really hot here. I went to Angel Bay on Sunday – yesterday and cried my eyes out. It was so beautifull up there and there were loads of ppl there having BBQ’s and yes jumping in off the rocks. Had a tough few weeks again – well whats new?? Well actually I have a job and I am so pleased – I asked for it and hey presto – voila its exactly what I want to sustain what I want to do in yr memory. The River and Sea Sense will grow now I know – Dare to Dream will be put on hold until I can secure more £’s. I have cried so very much recently and prayed so hard too – I know you are there CJ – there’s just no hugs !! MISS U 4 EVER xxxx MUM 4765 hits 12 05 2008 WOW !!! We ALL MISS YOU

MUM: Hi CJ. Its prom day this monday – again. I remember the last one you came to with Jilli and I – I think you were around 13 – we went up in the helicopter. Tow years of everything is coming round again and the nightmare goes on and on. So its – 2years ago you were here with us – alive and well, and there we go again and say all the same things as we did when it was almost a hear. I guess the pain is a little less although I cry almost every day for some reason or another. Just the tiniest thing can make me shed a silent tear. Missing you eats away at me all the time – I have tried all the things ppl say to feel better – but the grief just washes over me live a wave. i’ve wished on so many stars I guess its half the solar system by now. I know you are near but I miss your hugs so much. Weekends are still hard and i guess we just get through them as best we can. i am trying to get some kind of work too – but my heart is with all I do for you. I miss you so – God Bless Youxx=

MUM: 4750 hits mid april – It just keeps going my angel in the sky xxxxxxlove MUM xxxxxxx

MUM: April 08 Been on an Outlook course this week. Me in a bunk house ??? Yes you beleive it. The course was a Leadership course for youth it was great to meet such like minded ppl from all walks of life. it has made me some nice connections of whom I feel will meet again. Looks poss 4 megs support from vars ppl 2. We’ll wait and see. Thanks 4 the Rainbows thursday night and Wed pm 2. I miss you so very much – coming home is awfull as I just wish u were there when I opened the door on your computer as u would have been shouting HI MUM and I would walk in and get a massive HUG. I MISS THOSE HUGS SOOOOO MUCH xxxxxxxx I MISS U AS ALWAYS> xxxxxxxMUM 2 gether 4 ever xxxxxx

nana: Hi sweetheart, it has been a tome since I came on here, not that I have forgotten you, I speak to you every day, and have been sad for you for a while, wish I could have a hug, or hear you say Hi Nana, love you, what I wouldnt give. Hope you are well up there and looking after every body, Pap had a moment I will call it, when he just sat and cried, asked what was wrong, and he said , just thinking of you and how he missed you, we all do my brave for us, love and miss you dearly, sleep tight. lots of love & kisses and for Guto bye xxxxx

MUM: Hi CJ Miss you so very much – Pls keep everyone safe and look after those who need it. I miss you more than words can say. We really need you so much. xxxxxxx MUM xxx

MUM: Well CJ – what a rollercoaster – I can only hope there is a brighter tomorrow – its been so very tough since Xmas – I cant beleive I’ve made it – but I HAVE and I WILL get there whatever the destination or where. I hope u r OK in your castle in the sky. Still need some hugs and 4 u to stay close. I still hurt so very much – sometimes I go numb and sometimes the psin is just inconsolable – but I guess I now know that some days will be good too. I love you more than life itself and always will. MUM xxxxxxxxxx

MUM: On mothers Day – Just to say – I LOVE YOU xx MUMxx

Mum: I dont know what to say or do. I love you very much

FROM MUM 14 FEB: I give you my heart -On this valentines Day – You are so very special – In every way – Even though you’re not here – To see each Day – Your jovial spirit – Flutters away – You are always around me – I’m sure this is true – As the feelings I get – Bring me closer to you – My heart may be broken – My body is tired – My eyes may be tired – bur I’m so glad – I had a boy like you – A boy so special – A boy ‘I once knew’ – For the love that we shared – For the times that we had – I’ll never forget you – The boy that I had – So I send u whats left of my love 4 today – For I truly beleive – Your a heartbeat away xxxx

mUM: HI CJ Where do I start. Dare to dream logo is so nice everything i think all your friends will love. On 14th – Valentines Day it will be 18 months since the day I took you to the station, I wish i could turn back the clock – it aint gonna happen. Your life was destined for 15 years that is all you had to do. And boy did u do it. so, now Imy health is improving and having countless books – feel like a guru ath the moment – information overload, although its surprising when u get to talk to people how much they want to help you. I have met so man people from all walks of life who just want to offer help and support – again I feel humbled. Something changed today. I feel as though there is long, wonderfull way to go. You will be with us 4 ever. I and many others know by the signe we are getting. Keep them coming. xxxxxxxxLove u 2 gether 4 ever mUM xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mum: Hi Angel. Just back from Scotland!! Phew THAT was scary. So close to being stuck in the snow and I MEAN stuck. I know you helped us out of it. Feel a little better now. Really inspired to set everything up now. missing you. Syill cried whilst I was away from home – but I guess I always will. xxxxLove you with all my heart. MUM xxxxxxxxxxxxx 4 ever 2 gether

MUM: Missing you more than ever maybe its being ill I dont know. I do know this is so painfull – I am just so empty. Maybe I just need some sun. If only. If only you’d walk through the door. If only I could hug you once more. If only i could see your face. If only I could feel your warm embrace. If only I didnt wish each day away. If only I could hear you say – I love you Mum. If only the pain inside would go away. If only tomorrow wasnt – just ‘another’ day. If only I could just …… If only you were by my side. If only …we could turn back time. If only for just one day – you’d be here and not have gone away. If only,,,,,,, xxxxxxxxx
Mum: I feel so alone without you xxxx

MUM: Hi my darling. I’ve decided that – when I am well I am going to plant a tree at Angel Bay and take some flower seeds and scatter them there – so that not only will we always ‘feel’ you there we will see what you left behind in ‘all’ of us – SEEDS OF HOPE !!!!! God Bless – ILOVE YOU. 2 gether 4 ever. MUM xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

MUM: This is what I wrote when I was feeling better – Breath in the hope – Breathe out the pain – I know, I’ll Learn, To ‘Live’ – again. You’re my inspiration Chris – Always have been and always will be. I love you with all my heart. xxxxxxxxxxxxMUM

MUM: Hi CJ I woke crying thhis morning – it was awfull I dreamt I had forgotten you. I cried and cried – I know its silly – but thats how it is. Guess because I felt a little stronger and able to cope – you were just giving me a gentle reminder that – no after my operation – I am no way ready yet to do very much!! It’s 4.30 am on Thursday – I just had to come on here and look at you and ‘remember’ I’m so glad that I can I think it has been the op and being tired and not being able to think straight. Anyways – your gorgeous my Darling – and always will be. Love Mum xxxx

MUM: Hi CJ. Just to say – I am a little better now – it seems to change and when I do 2 much I feel awfull so I need a few hugs please !!!!! Tomorrow is the Anniversary of my Nana Doris – it will be 7 years – she – like you was a LEGAND, she loved having a good time had a heart of gold and so much love to give, I loved her very much and I know she adored you too with all the photos she took even though she sometimes missed your head off. Again it will be a little sad tomorrow and I know you will be with her – have a whiskey for me Nana I love you too and will never ever forget you. So CJ send your Nana some hugs and take care of Doris – although I bet its her taking care of you. God Bless. I love you xxxxMUM

MUM: HI CJ- Cant sleep – again !!! Feeling a little better now. glad Xmas is all over. Going to try and move if poss soon. Hope you are OK. Miss You and Love you – Christmas is nothing without you. Bi Bi Honeyxxxxxx 4 ever 2 gether xxxxxxMUM

MUM: happy New Year mu angel – I hope you are having a ball high in your castle in the sky. A little hug would be nice whilst I am asleep. Keep Safe. Miss You. Ollie is up to his tricks again – He has been a lovely comforting cat to us – I am sure he knows when I am sad as he is right there. Love You xxxxxxxxxxMUM xxxx

MUM: Went to Carolines house 2 night Friday 28th December. It was really nice – Dad actually let go – I knew he would – I wonder why ???? He cried like a baby – but it is the 2nd time since you left us that he has been able to do this. His army stories crept in – we really never knew what he went through – only now is it coming through. I hope you can come and help us now again – through the books I am reading – and how I feel – I KNOW you are here and ooops – by the way how Ollie is acting !!!!!! These pictures just hurt so much I know but I feel as though 2 night has helped Dad a little. I will poss stay up tonight – I just feel so sad and I just want to think of you all night. It has helped a little that Dad has shown his feelings but I guess I feel even more emotional now I know and have seen Dad cry again as it it so painfull not to be able to talk about you to him and other people as it hurts 2 much. pLEASE help us Chris. God Bless you. Love U 4 Ever 2 Gether xxxxMUM xxxxx

MUM: Hi You, its Christmas morning. I’m just numb. Dad has gone to work. I’ve been chatting away to you all morning – no I haven’t hit the sherry yet. It was hard getting through last night. Early nights are best at the moment. Lie ins in the morning help me get through the days. Its nice to remember all our other Xmases when we were all together we had some lovely ones. That’s what I’m trying to do. Well- back to sleep – and dreaming of you. I miss you more than you will ever know. Love you my angel in the sky, MUM xxxx

MUM: My Darling – The words say it all – Thank God for memories. I wish we could have one more kiss, hug, smile, but one more would NEVER be enough. I’ve learned so much since last year – I feel almost a different person. Ny heart still aches and as the song goes I can’t get you out of my head – but I don’t want to. If – there is truth in all the books I am reading then really I should not shed another tear as I know deep in my heart you are in a much better safer place – and have a divine power – just as you had in your earthly life. I know you will be ‘home’ for xmas to see us ‘all’. I love you – 4 ever 2 gether xxx MUM xxxx

MUM: I’m dreaming of a white Christmas. On a cloud high in the sky with you. With hugs and with kisses. With sweet remenisses – of all our good times spent with you. I hope and I pray that on Xmas Day. You will come and visit us too. Although brave, we are faking – our hearts are just breaking. missing you so, as we do. I hope for a while we can give one big smile-when a hug comes to us – sent from you xxxx
nana: Hi my sweetheart, dont know if I can do this, but will try. Miss u so much, just keep thingking of all the good Christmas s we had, wish with all my heart we could start again. Wonder what you would have been doing and going. Have a lovely time in heaven look after us all, we all miss and love you so much. God Bless, luv you xxx

MUM: Hi CJ Back from hospital 2 day. Thank you for looking after me I KNOW u were there. Bit wobbly but glad to be home. All I need 2 do now is 2 get thru Xmas now – and help everyone else do so 2. Pls keep us strong CJ. Love you so much my Angel in heaven xxxxxxMUM 2 gether 4 ever

MUM: HI CHRIS Dad and I have been to Egypt. It was a nice break. Going in hospital tomorrow. Pls look after me CJ – just feel that I need u to hold my hand this time. xmas is upon us and I just dont know what to say. Other than I miss you so very much every minute of the day. Take care my beautifull son. I adore you. xxxxxxxxxxxx

nana: Hi sweetheart, not had a good day today, just keep wishing, if only it was a dream. talked to u a long time then saw a rainbow, I know u heard me. Still hurt so much and miss u like hell. Christmas will be here soon, just wondering what u would have wanted. Whatever it is I wish I could give it to u.sleep tight my lovely grandson, love & miss u so much have to go I get to upset, night night sweetheart. big hugs & kisses xxxx

MUM: HI CJ – Had a real busy week – Dare to Dream is looking so good – can’t wait till 2008 – I KNOW it is going to happen now – got some amasing offers of support this week – still alot to learn and do. Still hurt like hell and always will – I just hope that what I give out will be good and help others – I know u are close – too many coincidences – thank you xxx – I love you my shining star with all my heart – well whats left of it anyhow – I’ll always beleive you were nothing short of a miracle in my life – LOVE YOU MY ANGEL xxxxxxx MUM xxxxxxxxxxx

MUM: Miss you so very much – I hurt so much CJ – Xmas soon – again – stay close my baby – Love you xxxxxxxxxxxxMUM

MUM: Hi CJ- Its Children In Need tonight – We used to love it when you were younger – we’d both sit up all night to the bitter end !!! The stories are the sweetest ever tonight and make me think constantly of you. Had an awful sad week missing you again but I feel alot better today had some good meetings and phone calls. I’m sure you are driving my car CJ !! It’s nice to have the best chauffeur in the world !!! I love you forever together xxxxxx MUM xxxxxx

MUM: Hi my Angel. I hope u r OK. Still reading my books and they really help. Mia Dolans are incredible – they toouch your soul. I’m sure thee’s nothing in there you dont know – and i’m sure you could and did give those special lessons in your earthly existence. You were an ‘old soul’ I always knew you were so advanced for your years. Our conversations proved it !!! Well CJ – I guess i’m growing a little more – how much more do I need ??? Miss you and always will. Love yu with ALL my heart. God Bless my babe xxxxxxxxxxMUM

Mum: Miss you xxxx I need u so much – u will neverknow how much xxxCant sleep – again xxxxxxxx

nana: Hi sweetheart, not been on for a while but that does not mean I dont think of you, you are in my thoughts every day, just wish I could see you, the tears are still flowing, I am trying to be strong but I miss you so much, my heart aches We have been on a cruise, put flowers over the side for your birthday and a school of dolphins cam, said it was from you, hope it was. Well sweetheart I cant stay on too long I cry too much, I know I shouldnt, but I cant help it. God wanted you for something, but i WISH H e had left you longer with us. Take care my beautiful grandson, love you loads, and miss you lots, xxx

MUM: hello you. Its bonfire night on Monday – I think in 2005 or 2004 we went out 2 gether 2 C Eirias Park and got there at the end – so we went to Llandudno to see the end of that – I remember we sat in the car and laughed and talked. I wish time would stand still just to let me think and remember you in ‘the moment’ but I guess it wont. I’m missing you so very much, its so hard every day kknowing you’re just not coming home. I love you my beby – live high in your castle in the sky. Please keep us strong. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MUM xxxxx 4 ever 2 gether xxxxxxxxxx

MUM: Hi my honey. Let’s WALK !!!! Yes its that time – cant wait !!!! xxLove you – miss you so very much. xxxxxxxx 4 ever 2 gether

MUM: Hi Angel 24th October – Been a tough 2 weeks again. Guess its something I’ll just have to live with now when these special times come up. I get through eventually but its not easy. Tears just wont escape me. Meeting Sean Laxens family was good I think it helped us all I saw in them how I was last year. Love is a beautifull think but it is so painfull too. The talk for Cruze went really well and again I’m pleased it helped. Its the walk next so I will focus again now. I love you my darling. miss you like crazy. Need u so very much. xxxxxx

Best friend: You’llnever walk alone xxxxx Missin youx love you

MUM: XXXX Sleep Tight angel xxxx

MUM 17th October 07: Hello my darling boy. Just to say I hope you have the best birthday ever in your castle in the sky. I am sure you will make a quick trip home to be with us all at some point too. I so wish you were here with us. We miss you so very much. I’m just thinking of your first birthday – it was brilliant – how lucky was I to have had 14 more with you. Your parties just got better and better right to the end – ‘party boy’ !!!!!! God bless you. I love you so very much – MUM Hey looks like we may see 4600 hits on this site – now THAT’s what I call A STAR. Its also a sign of TRUE LOVE too. I’m so proud of you I could burst. 4 ever together xxxxxxxxxxxxxx MUM

MUM 11th October: Hello mu baby. It will be your Birthday next week and I dont know what to do – I miss you as much as ever and my life will always have a deep deep hole where you once were. I hope you are OK in your castle in the sky. I guess you can drive all the cars you like now – I just wish I could have at least bought you a driving lesson !! Your friends miss you so much and still leave lovely comments – you really are an Angel – I am so proud to have known you for such a short time. I LOVE you with all my heart. My beautifull boy – xxMUM xxxxxxxx

nana: Hi sweetheart, cant stop thinking about u today, feeling sad, not been feeling too well for a coouple of days, miss u so much, could have done with a cuddle, ot just to see u walking down the drive with your lovely smile. It will be your birthday soon and I am sure u would have wanted a car,and u would have got one,why Chris I will have to go, it makes me so sad, luv and miss you, sleep tight sweeethear,give guto & dolly a hug from me , and a special hug for u, luv you xxxxx

MUM: Hello you. September 27th. Miss you so much. Trying to get on now. Still think of you all the time. Everything I do I always wonder what you would think. Youw friends are growing up so much – learning to drive – having a great time too – most in the 6th form. I know u will will be there watching over them and I am sure at all their parties too. Life is still so hard without you. Each day is still a challenge and always will be. Love you with all my heart. MUM xxxxxx

MUM: Hi you. Looking back this time last year on the comments on this page – it seems so very far away. What a difference a year has made. Your legacy will live on. Love you xx MUM

MUM: Hi my Angel – Everything is coming together – I’m scared of how good the future might be. There’s just one thing missing !!!! YOU xxxxxx Miss you more than ever. 4 ever 2 gether xxxMUM

Mum: Hi Honey. Well – alot has happened and DARE TO DREAM looks very positive in fact flippin amazin !!!! Lots of meetings ahead but you will love it. I know your little spirit will be buzzin around this honey pot. Your friends will have a great time being involved – this is your legacy CJ the reason your death is not in vain. I now know this is for real.

MUM: Hi Angel 7 sept 07 How has time flown. The days and weeks are flying by. Xmas will soon be upon us. It’s 6.30 am couldnt sleep all the coughing again. Just dont feel right CJ need a special HUG from you. I miss you so much even though I am trying to get better and get on I get so far and then a reality check steps in. I guess this is it – this is how it will be. You look more gorgeous each time I see you and I miss your warm smile melting my heart. God Bless you. I love you. My heart is broken. Mum xxxx

Mum: iT is Sean Laxens funeral today – hope he comes into your team of course with the young boy Rhys Jones whose funeral was also a beautifull tribute.x Love you so much – it really hurts. Trying to get better but am soooooooo sleepy. Love you CJ MUM

nana: dont know what happened there, I must have d the wrong thing, see how daft I am, this seems to be going all wrong, I think u are playing we me. How I wish, goodnight my beautiful boy, we both love and miss u, be good, lots of love nanaxxxresse

nana: Hi sweetheart, missing u so much, had a few bad days, when I go into your room I sometimes think u are there, how I wish, been decorating the office, and found some of your things, pics and cards u sent to me and papa, and your father christmas letter

MUM: Hi You – Well I feel pretty awfull. A bit of a wake up call – it feels like an alien has taken over my body – nothing seems to work properly. I’ve had a rest but it makes me think so very much. I wonder what I would have been doing with you this weekend – frantically going shopping for 6th form uniform – new sports kit and new shoes – or new jeans and some street cred tops for college ?? I wonder !! If only. Instead I’ve spent most of my time in my PJ’s just dreaming of you and wishing I could cook sunday Lunch just one more time. Your friends will be getting their provisional licences and I am sure you would have been first in the que on this your 17th Birthday. It would have been the greatest thing for you to drive Nana and Papa to the Pub !! I could almost see you buying and selling cars too !! Instead I will just have to dream of you and pray you are taking your driing test on the highway in the sky. I am reading Harry Potter books at the moment they are great !! XXXx

MUM: Another boy has drowned on 21st august age 9 at conwy falls. I am not very well at moment cJ but this has just broken me. I ache so much and miss you so much. Dad and I went away and the news just was so awfull – I guess I will get together again but I feel so sad and lost without you. Look after the little boy as I know you will. Love u 2 gether for ever xxMUM xxxxxxxxxxxx

Debbie: Just to say thank you to those of you who were at Capel today – it was nice to share it with you- I was so pleased to see you all – you will never know how much. Thank you all for the messages and e mails and lovely flowers too. It has been a sad but beautifull day of which I will never forget and to know that there is so much love between us all has to be a good thing. Thank you and love to our families and friends too. I love you Mum xxx

nana: Hi sweetheart, dont know if I can do this but will try, miss u so much it hurts, today is the worst day, why ? I am trying to be strong, but things will never be the same. Take care my beautiful grandson, give us some strength, Love you very much and miss you loads. Papa missing you to not a good day for him today either, but he tries not to show it, tries to keep busy. bye sweetheart, found my feather again yesterday love you byee, xxx

MUM: I just could not think straight today I just feel dead inside. I know you will be sad too so we’lljust try to help eachother through. Your friends are going to Capel so be there for them amd just hug them too. We need you so much CJ – we miss you so much too. xxMUM x4 ever to gether always

MUM: Hi angelx Been for a walk with Dad and a coffee to get out of the house. It was nice but hard seeing other people having fun with their children. Thinking of going to church and walking to Angel Bay either later or tomorrow. I’d love Dad to come but we’ll see. Thinking of u all the time and aching for u too. Keep us all strong CJ – Too good to be forgotten – we will remember you always. Mum and Dad xxxxxx

Debs T: Keep Strong everyone and look after eachotherx Remember Billy Elliot BBC 2 Wales – it’s a great film. Then CJ’s story 11.25 pm on digital and alalogue – it says Digital Stories. Love DT

nana: Hi sweetheart, dont know if i can write on Tuesday, will try, went to a funeral yesterday of one of papa oldest friends, 40 odd years he had know him, from when he was at school, got through it ok, but kept thinging of u as well. if only, that is all we keep saying, but it doesnt help. still think of u every day, and miss u, but I know u are in a better place, and will help us through this week. take care darling, I atill cry when I seee your pictures, but also I am so proud of you. sleep tight luv u nana xxx

Debs T: 7th August – Just to say – thinking of you all too and thanks for the messages and phone calls. I went to Angel Bay on Sunday – it was lovely there. In fact Sunday was a very special day! Take care all xxxxx Debs T xx

MUM: Hi My baby – It is the 4th August – Don’t know how the next 10 days will go – each day has a memory attached – like today you went to Asda with Dad and he bought u a new jumper the one you took with you on the day. I haven’t reminded Dad. I know also that this weekend was the great weekend day u had at Angel Bay too and remember your excitement shopping for stuff to take there. I saw the BBQ trays and almost wanted to buy you some today from the shop. I cant do Party in the park tomorrow – I am too tired and I just not so strong. The rest is helping and I am sleeping alot too. Hope u give me a goodnight kiss. In fact I have just seen u in your jumper on this page its the one where u are looking a bit tough with your stripy head – I remember that too – tough guy – no – just ‘one BIG HUG’ — I love you so very much. I miss u and I ache for you. But I will carry on and do the best I can for everyone. Goodbye my darling – for today.xxxxMUM xxxx

nana: Hi darling, sorry I coiuld not make your day, it hursts too much yet, papa felt he could not see your lovely face posted on the prom, he misses u so much as we all do, I am sure it was a lovely, we were thinkging of u all day, went to our usual, u must laugh at us, will be there next year though. It seems to have gone down great, so pround of mum for what she did, but I am not as strong to deal with things when it comes to u. Love u miss u, wish u were here, Papa miss u, he loved u so much. Take care xxx

MUM: Hey Big Guy. Looks like we did it. I really think the message is getting through now. What an incredible day. I’m sure you were there giving us all secret little hugs !! Thank you for sending the sun too. I love you more each day. xxxx 2 gether 4 ever – MUM

Jillian: Well Chris you must be very proud of your Mum today, she as made a brillant job of organising The Emergency Services Day. She has put a lot of work into it and I am sure everyone will be more aware of the danger of water now.

Debs T: Hi All – The viewing figs for this site are creeping up as we can see on a day 2 day basis. If u want to say something special then do so – I know this has leant over to the bebo site but this is the true Chris Turnbull’s Barmy Army site for me – seeing these pics and reading back on every comment put one here – yes I have them ALL printed – also please do not be afraid to comment on the site too as I would welcome your comments too at this special time. Hope those that can come enjoy the Emergency Services Day – it’s aLL for you and your memories. xxxxxx LOVE Debs T PS Thank you for all the e mails and bits and bibs from bebo – it’s lovely at such a tough time. xx keep them coming Debs T xxx
nana: Hi sweetheart, still hurts to come on here, I just wish I could see u coming down the drive, waving, I cant believe it is nearly a year since u were here, think of u every day and miss u, no one to ask about the comp now, or teach me things, just be safe & happy, I still cant come to terms with this, my heart just aches for u. Papa and I still talk about the daft things, riding on the tractor etc. we both love and miss u terribly, u will always be in our hearts, sleep tight darling, luv u loeads Nana xxx

Debs T: Hi All – I just would like to say that – this is still my most loved site for CJ and that I am so pleased that we did this in the early days. I KNOW some of you will go on this closer to the 14th of August and I want you ALL to know that I am thinking of you ALL. I cannot say much more and even if I do not see or speak to you I will still be thinking of you ALL on that day. I understand that this time may be hard for you all and that is why I am putting this message across to you – the closest of CJ’s friends now as BEBO site is not as personal as this. I love you all so very much as always as CJ’s friends and will continue to do so 4 ever. Please never be concerned about speaking to me – if you need to – I will speak to any of you at any time. Take care of yourselves – ENJOY – your new lives after leaving school – BE SAFE – be good – at least most of the time !!!!!!!!! LOVE you all Debs T x

MUM: 22nd June – Hi Angel. This time last year you had broken up from school and were going to have the ‘time of your life’ again it seems like yesterday. On 29th July you will be remembered by so many people and our message should reach far and wide. I love you with all my heart and I hope you will look after us all on this special day. Love and miss you 4 ever 2 gether. MUM xxxxxxxx

Mum: Hi CJ – 4 weeks tomorrow and I just do not know where the time has gone – although in another – I do. It has been the most painfull of our lives I guess. We all miss you more than you would ever know – you are so close to our hearts and will always be 4 ever together xxxxxMUM xxxxx
Mum: I’m missin u so very much – my memory poems are coming out like tears. You are a legend and I’m so very proud of you. I’m tired too but I cant give up – this is all for us to help save a life. xxxx Love you 4 ever 2 gether.

MUM: Hi my ANGEL. I’ve done it. I can’t beleive it. Thank u 4 being there xxxxxMY STAR xx MY LIGHT xx MY LIFE xxxx YOUR SIMPLY THE BEST – AND FAMOUS !!!!!!!

Debbie T: Just to let u all know is now LIVE – Lots of love x

Mum: Hi my angel. I just hurt. I’ve done my best. Pls look after me x Mum

Mum: Hi CJ – What an emotional day. I have had so man e mails and phone calls re the site its amazing. I wish u were here to celebrate it with me. hope u r pleased to be such a Celeb – I didn’t have 2 tell u that though. Angel in heaven – I love you so and miss u more and more each day. I now say – my face is leaking as that is how it feels when the tears come. Can u fix it ?? Hope u r ok in yr castle in the sky. xx Mumxxxx

Mum: Hi my baby. Just to say i miss you so very much, after Fathers Day yesterday – no matter how busy I am I cannot stop thinking last year this and last year that, sometimes I feel your just fading away. My heart hurts so very much even though there is so much going on now. Your name is even known in Yorkshire and birmingham re water safety. But you are still GONE. You live in my heart now – that is your new home – I just love you so very much CJ 4 ever 2 gether xxxx Mum

debs t: Launch date of the website is 22nd June – The BIG official launch is at ES day – but we have had 2 do this sooner as i have so many influential people looking at it. !!! Love u all as always xxx Debs Tx
nana: hi sweetheart, not been on here for a few weeks, still cant stop the tears, when I see your face, miss u so much, been to IOM hope you like your room, just wish u could have been with papa and me, it was the TT, u would have loved it. take care my liove miss u more each day lots of luv and hugs by darling luv u xxx

Debs Tx: Hi All: The new official website should be functional within the next 2 weeks. The digital story I made with the TV should be on soon and it will gradually build up to be informative and something you can all be part of. This will when complete be driven throuought the LEA and hopefully that will start a very large ball rolling. The official launch will be on Emergency Services Day alongside the raft that you bought for Ogwen Valley it should be a great day and a massive tribute 2 CJ – all down to the support from C.T.B.A. I have a few surprise in store as u would expect – hope u like them!!!! Love you all as alwaysxx Debs T

Mum: Hi You. Feeling so much better CJ now – I suppose everything is now coming together. It has taken so long. I seem to have found some kind of balance and understanding between myself and most people. I suppose I also accept you are gone from my everyday life in a physical sense and that, I think has been one of the hardest things for me. Spiritually though the bond is ever strong and I feel you are so close and looking after us all, and that’s how it should be. The last few weeks have been a great pressure – but also a learning curve for me too and I hope I will be a better person for that. I will never stop learning from this CJ and I hope it will have the same effect on all those who were close to you too. If what I have set up can save one life only then I have achieved my goal. I wish it could have been yours. The FUNdraising events I have planned I am sure u would love and hope you will shine a little light on them 4 us. Love u 4 ever 2 gether Mum xxx

MUM: Hi You. June already. Wish I could remember what we were doing this time last year – I have notes in my diary for some of the time. Been to A. Bay 2 day. It was lovely. I sat near yr fier and just imagined you all having a good time there- I could almost hear u shrieking !!! lol.xx I’m sure. God I hurt so much. I miss u like you’ll never know. The Colwyn youth comittee have chosen to support your cause – I am really pleased. Your friends are growing up so fast u know. I see the changes when i see them. Think your other site is like a dating agency CJ but I suppose you r pleased 2 C them all meeting and making new friends. Your memory will still live on 4 ever. You r still a LEGEND – my LEGEND 4 ever. Miss you soooo much Love x MUM xxx

Debs T: If anyone else wants 2 come 2 morrow night to the show at Venu Cymru I have a few free tickets left for CJ’s close friends only. Let me know asap Debs T xxTake care

Mum: Hello CJ – Missing you so much this week – feel so awfull too. Need something nice to happen – a rainbow, anything really. My heart is just broken. Do u have superglue up there in your castle in the sky – well I may need quite a bit. I’m thinking about all our plans this time last year. Well, they were nice dreams anyway. The best ones were always with you. Miss you so much it hurts. xxxxx MUM

Hello My Angel.: Your ROA went well last night. Everyone looked gorgeous. I loved all the hugs. Hope they will last for a while. They dont make up for yours though. It was both happy and sad last night – some of your close friends were broken hearted. It was so hard to stay in control. I knowit was hard for all your close friends – me there instead of you. They are just like u were – lovely and wild as hell!! My throat hurts now with all the singing on the way home. I really hurt today as it has been such an eventfull week. The film is really good and was great to make – think I ran out of tissues though. You have touched so many peoples hearts CJ and will continue to do it I know xxLove MUM xxxx

nana: Hi sweetheart, hoe are you, I am missing u like hell, still cant understand why, perhaps I will one day, when I dont know. My heart is breaking all the time, my tears dont stop falling. it is like a bad dream. We never stop talking about u, just wish I could see u and give u a hug, or u me as u are bigger than me. Luv u, will have to go, as I cant see th booard very well, it makes me cry when Isee how handsome you are, and enjoying yourself. Sleep tight sweetheart, luv u xx

Mum: Hello My Darling. I have just been to buy a dress for Friday – I hope you like it. I wish we were out shopping for a suit for you though. You would have been soooo handsome. I am sooo nervous about Friday but by then after the BBC course I will be really tired. Going to Capel on Monday to meet the Council, Planning, the farmer and the Police. It will be 9 months to the day also. I have got some more flowers for you too. Hope you are there for me – I’ll need some courage!! Everything is coming together I am pleased but the sadness is still underneath. To say you are missed is an understatement and always be. If only dreams came true. God Bless xx 4 ever 2 gether xxMUM

Mum: Hi My Angel. Another week has gone by and I just do not know where the time goes. Still missing u so much and always will. The BBC has come through and I am so scared but Dad says he will nelp me so that means he thinks its a good idea too. A big week to come and some giant steps to take too. I love and miss you so very much. Love u 4 ever 2 gether xxxxMUM xx

Mum: Hi my Angel x Dad and I went to Capel yesterday and had a tidy up. We left some permanent flowers 4 U. We were really sad yesterday b cause it was such a beautifull day and it was the start of this time last year when u said to me. I’m having the time of my life. I’m soooo glad u did CJ. Trying to keep strong but it is not easy but I love doing the fundraising in your name – the suppport that is coming through is amazing. Hope u keep me going – keep driving my car. Love you sooo much 4 ever 2 gether. Mum xxxx

nana: i mean tmy tears dont stop falling, see how daft i am luv u xxxx

nana: hi sweetheart, still missing u so much, it is hard, but i suppose i feel sorry for myself, not being able to see u, or have a hug, how I wish. Hope u are alright up there, I am sure u will be loved there as here, give Dolly a kiss and guto, it is nearly a year for guto, and papas mum, give her a call to. wish I ciould call u, can only do this at certain times, as I find it very difficult, my tears do stop falling, miss u so much. bye sweatheart, xxx

Debs T: Alex that was lovely !! Thanks 4 updating the site. Time has flown, seeds have grown, and memories have shown – us 2 care 4 eachoher – B wise to the bad things in life and 2 love eachother 4 what we are – not what we are worth. Love U all xxx Debs T xx

Debbie T: Thanks Alex xxx Debs T x

alex bather: heya m8! hope ur ok! summers cuming up sooon n we will all be missing you loads the party boy! chat to u soon m8! al X

Mum: Hi My Angel in the sky. You should get better little notes from me now as we had to get a new keyboard. Hope u r ok up there in the sky. I have been listening to your i pod alot recently – you had some lovely music on it and some pretty awfull stuff too. It’s funny as I listen to some of it and pretend i am enjoying it. But it reminds me of you so that’s why its good. Work and the Fundraising are becoming quite a Team now they are oth coming together. I always knew it would work. I am so pleased the message is getting out there now and I have had some lovely phone calls and messages. It’s still a nightmare, a bad dream, and my heart will never mend but as least I know that good will eventually come from this. To say Dad and I miss you is an understatement. Weekends are the worst part for both of us. In the week I can pretend u r at school except of course in the Holidays then it’s harder still. Releif comes from my letters I write u every day. Bi 4 Now. UR in my dreams



<3. jeni _x: iyaaa chris _x not bin a very gurd day 2 day ! iv argued with every1 !! its rle doin my head in !! jst wanted 2 ring ya up n speak 2 ya ova da weekend ! a day dosent go by wen i dont think about you or ste ! i hope hes okie up the with u ! well darlin love you so much love jeni xxxxxx
Debs T: Hi All Just to let u know the official launch date for CJ’s raft will now be the Llandudno Safety Services Day on 29th July Sunday in Memory of Chris C.T.B.A. All the safety services and more will be there – so it will be a fantastic day. It will start around 11 or 12 noon till around 3 pm. Don’t 4 get the letters from C.T.B.A. for me asap – thanks Debs T xx

Mum: Hi Angel – Been to Capel 2 day with Dad – we left a lovely boquet of large lillies for you instead of an Easter Egg. Hope you like them. Miller called me and has asked Dad and I 2 go to your summer leavers ball. Dad can’t go he just can’t cope as he will think u should be there. I will be honoured to go – it will poss be the last chance to be with ALL your friends 2 gether ever again. I wont let u down. They say they are going 2 charge a little xtra 4 the tickets and give the money to your charity. I think it is wonderfull and hope it coinsides with the acknowledgement for some safety awareness signage at Capel Curig – it would nice then to put it towards that. It will make people think twice. I cant beleive its 8 months 2 day since I haven’t seen you – it feels awfull. Dad and I were saying 2 day there is so much emptiness every morning we wake up ur not there and Dad said too he feels it at tea time too. I daydream of u all the time xMumxx

x_ .. jeni .. _x: iyaaa chris babi xx omg iv missed u soooo much sowie i aint rote in a while !! iv bin at me dads most of the summer holidays ! loads of stuff kicked off but hey we got through it didnt we ! i realy dont wana go back 2 school ! every1 doing my headin ! but o well init ! ne way babi love you soo much love jeni xxxxxx iyaa debbie x was it me or a different jeni u wanted 2 get in touch with ? iv bin at my dads and dont have the internet so i havent been able to get on here ! hope youve coped over the easter hols !! ill have 2 cum and see u soon love you loads and hope your okie ! lots of love jeni xxxx

Mum: Hi My Darling: Well Easter is almost over and all yr friends will b getting back to school next week. It’s all taking off with the RNLI now and hopefully the alliance with them will be great. Education as well as fundraising is most important to me now. I can’t begin to decribe how lonely I have felt without you these Easter holidays. As u know I now have a Diary of which I write a page a day – it helps me as I can write it warts and all. I have so missed running u and all ur friends around – no sleepovers – and just getting through the days. I have put alot into the fundraising as u know and it does help. When the sun shines I just imagine you having a great time somewhere like Angel Bay and that you’ll be home soon. Hope u r OK high in the sky – I still dream about you. Love u soooo much xxxxxMUM x

Debs T: It’s official – lots of pages to fill yet but the website is – it will eventually be about 17 pages long !!!! Thanks Chris Turnbull’s Barmy Army for your inspiration and continued support. Lots of love Debbie T xxxxxxHappy Easter

Mum: Well CJ It’s the Easter Holidays now – I want to buy you the biggest Easter Egg I could find and send it to u somehow – I know how much u loved them although you’s asy oh no i don’t want one i’ll have the money instead – but lol ud b there waiting 4 one. I hope the Rugby trip went well.for da bois !! and they had a good time. Been a tough few days just remembering but i suppose it will be like this for along timee. Love u so miss u lots can’t ever ever let u go. Stay close my Angel MUM xxxxxxPS Is it time 4 a rainbow !!xx

nana: Hi sweetheart, still missing u so badly, but trying to be brave, papa and I went on the mountain for a walk tonight, he was laughing about when u both went on the tractor, and nearly got stuck in the mud, and how Guto used to run after the rabbits, also u and I used to wlk pass the horses, oh if only,love u loads and miss u heaps, bye sweetheart. xxx

mUM: Hi mu Angel – This has taken a little doing 2 night as the rugby tour has hit me and dad a little over the past few days. Im glad we have achieved so much expecially with your faithfull friends CJ but its after when it all hits me. I hope u r having a ball with em and shouting at them to do this and that even when they cant hear you – well maybe I suspect some will. xx I hop u r there and then come home quietly to see us all and give us a cuddle. Today all I could think of were sad thoughts – I went 2 the exhibition in Llandudno and have been offered lots of good prizes for your events. Then i came home and a few hrs later i remember you coming of my knee and asking me to scrath your back – we used to giggle as it was all spotty sometines – you’s fall asleep sometined after fugby mostly and i would stroke your black sweaty hair and say come on CJ bed time ooooh just another scratch pls mum. I’ll never 4 get. I remember from the last tour u came hoome u slept eat and slept and spe

MUM: The clocks changed this weekend and 2 day is the first day that all the times for the 1st time r as they were when everything happened 2 U. I am OK as I knew this day would come. I have to stay up late 2 get through this as I wanted to relive the day – in my heart to the moment. It doesn’t hurt as much as I suppose being with Margaret was the best thing 2 happen 2 me 2 day and the visit with Nana 2. I know u r happy and still that u know u r loved soooo much on the earth plane. I am blessed 2 have had u for 15 – well almost 16 yrs. God Bless u my Angel I will look 4 the Rainbows now. xx MUM

MUM: Hi My Honey. Margaet and I went 2 C Nana 2 day. I am so pleased. I hope it helped her – although she found it a little difficult 2 beleive at times – I am sure we can understand that. Margaret said 2 me 2 day – how far I have come and in retrospect I suppose I have but my moods still swing like enormous trapeze nets from day 2 day. Margaret and I have had a brief discussion that poss we may work 2 gether and I think that is what I would love. We get on so much and u keep doing all these things I know I feel it is the right way 2 go. Although I will need to stay freelance so that if i get a bad few days then i can pull out at any time. The RNLI prospect sounds amazing – untill we know more i cannot say – I am sure u will let me know if u approve as so far i know u have !!!! I really felt 4 Nana 2 day and I just hope she can continue 2 have some kind of full life withought the wayshe feels right now. It will never solve anything. TBC

Leanne: Hey Debbie thank you soooo much for last at Niki’s house, was a realy good evenin, loved learning all the new tips 🙂 hope to see you soon! xxxxxxxxxx chris i miss you SO much , hope your watching over me love you loads n loads n loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

<3 .. jeni _x: hiya debbie x im realy realy sorry i aint bin on here 4 ages ! if its okie can i cum ur house 1 of teh dais next week cus im down my dads ! i reallly need 2 speak 2 ya about somethin ! thankyou debbie love you xxx iyaa chris bbe xx im missin u well 2 much !! n dis fukin lad arguin wid me anit fukin appi bin finkin bwt u all nyt bbe ! iv bin finkin bwt ste 2 will u tell him i miss him sooo much and dat i will defo go dwn hill cliff either dis week or da week after ! i miss u both sooooo much its unbeliveble ur both my ittle darlings and i wil neva 4 get ya !! love you both soooo much love you both loads love jeni xxxxxxx live in the sky xxxxxxxx

MUM: Hi My Angel – Well U have seen what went on and all I can say is that u would be going Oh my God Mum !!!! Well u r mature enough 2 know better and that I am almost enough 2 b hopefully to date half of the Rugby trip paid.. I would want the whole thing but i know i set myself 2 high goals and 2 much stress hass been apparent this week 2 say the least. I have made a few important decisions regarding the fundraising but I KNOW u felt the same – 4 the spooky bits u still do to us. Even Dad is ppicking up now !!!!! I have read the lovely book re Charlie Thompson written by her Dad Reg Thompson re her and Livvys death on the railway line. All I can say is that I think Dad and I have come such a long way. I suppose it is b cause I always have said I knoew I would lose U at 12. Most people I know do not beleive me – I dont care but u and I know the truth. Capel will ALWAYS b a happy place 4 me. B Cause I knew u were so happy there. I thank God your loss was not so bada as otherse

MUM: Life is a rollercoaster but without friends and love life is nothing. Chris was my life – he was no Angel but he was my Angel and I know he was an Angel2 some of U 2. I am just so honoured to still be a part of your lives at yr age as I am sure I must seem ancient 2 u all. Thanks 4 yr respect and love and hugs . Love U all Debs T xxxxxxxxxxx

MUM: Hey all I am feeling a little guilty 4 being the most regular person on here. Although I know that as promised I will publish a book with all our best bits in it to help otherpeople in this situation. I am talking 2 publishers at the moment. All I want 2 say 2 night is an ENORMOUS thank u 2 Nikki – for 2 night xxxx U R a STAR – I didnt realise u were a year younger thank CJ and u still cared enough also thanks 2 yr lovely brother BEN. God Bless u all faithfull people to stick with me through all of this. I now know that it is NOT in my imagination that CJ was soooo special. His energy will ive on and u know that u will ALL be SPECIAL people b cause of he loss of CJ. You will ALL think differently and feel differently about life. All I can say is that Material things should not matter – people matter – after all they are matter ant they can touch your life no matter who they are. DT TBC

MUM: Just writing 2 say last night went well – we raised around 1200.00 and i think threre is stil a little to come. Again your special following of faithfull friends came – it’s incredible really. I am going 2 Nikki’s house 2 morrow for a girlie/boyie night – God help me – u better had – so we may raise some £’s for half a person to go too. I’m so tired after all this organising and sorting out Ogwen it has been a tough week to say the least. I wonder how u are up there – although I know u r with us. I hope u enjoy the Rugby Trip – I KNOW you’ll be there. A little BIRD told me !!!! Dad has played Golf incesintaly this week and is mega tired – he has been emotional too which is good at least he is talking a little more now. I got a little emotional last night but I hope I was my usual party self and ‘kept it going’ Hope u were there !!!! I really do love your friends so much – Ben Stagg came to give me a little hug. \he has grown up so much too. Bi4 Now xxxx2 G 4 E xxxxMUMxx

MUM: Hi U Guess Who ?? x Went 2 Betws 4 a meeting 2 day to get some safety measure in place for Capel. Thank u 4 the little Robin he was lovely !!!! It was so nice 2 day to walk around there and talk 2 u alone. I walked around the area too. U R right it is such a lovely place. I met a lady who thinks she spoke to u one day 2. I am sure it was u. I know u were happy there. I feel it every time I go. Even though I cry it’s only b cause I miss u. True love never dies only we do. 2 gether 4 ever. xxxx MUM
Debs T: Hi All Just a quuick reminder for thurs night at The Mulberry – there is another bus ride available for 7.30 for 6 to 8 more people for £3.00 return get 2 gether and let me know asap – latest 5pm Thurs. Bi xxDT
nana: must have pressed the wrong button still need u to help me with this computor, cant get all the things I neeed, dont know how to get songs on the ipod, look after yourself say hello to Doris and Guto give him a bit hug and Mum a big kiss, love and miss u so much, I have a dull ache in my heasrt all the time bye xxxx
nana: Hi sweetheart, missing u so much it hurts, your friend came with your mum, she is loveley, could see why u liked her big eyes, papa very impressed, he would have pulled your leg. Really do miss u, when the gates open I feel u are coming down the drive, oh god I wish u were, feel as thought it is still a bad dream and I will awake and u will bethere

MUM: PS I meant take Nana her FLOWERS not lovers. OOps !! x

MUM: Hi My Angel. Today is Mother’s Day. Dad has bought a lovely basket of flowers for e and a lovely CD and the most beautifull card too with a poem he wrote. He said he cried his heart out writing it – I can well beleive it. I got out your old card from lst year too – it seems only 5 mins ago I remember u giving it too me and the MUM plaque and the plant. We have been to Capel today – we could not stay long it was awfull weather. Then we have been to Nanas to take her lowers too and your special pic that I printed off. Our time away has done us good – it has brought us much closer 2 gether which really is all we both – u and I always wanted – well there u r CJ u got ur wish !!!!xxx It’s time u sent me some rainbows too. I’ve missed you today but somehow I’ve coped – is it because I know I have to – I don’t know but what I do know is that I love u more than ever. God Bless my shining star. MUM xxxx

<3 .. jeni _x: iyaa chris xx i ant rote in a while bt uv still been on my mind !1 and i hope u know that . hope ur havin lowds of fun up there darling ! it will be 7 munths 2 mora 🙁 and i no that every1 still thinks about u every moment of every dai !! well bbe i will ryt soon i promis love you xxxxxx

Mum: Continued … everyting 2 B Ok all at once. Pls help us CJ – Love U Mum and Dad xxxxxxx

Mum: Hi My Angel It is 9.20 pm and I really need 2 go 2 sleep. However I really know I need this break in Devon but I am so scared to leave home. I know it is substantiated hey what a BIG word as Dad said he felt the same yesterday !! I suppose we could call that progress. !! I am so scared to go away and u not b there. It hurts soooo much – even though people have said well – he went on the Rugby Tour !! Well ! I said – at least I knew he was coming back !! I know I have 2 do this and I am SURE U will be there 2 help Dad and I but it is such a wrench no one knows how much – U C when we come back we don’t come bak 2 U do we ?? I know and I will try so hard to make this a well deserved break but I also know it will B so hard 4 both Dad and I. I suppose at least Dad is now letting go a little of his emotions. and that is good but God only knows what a BIG 1 st this is. I suppose its like 6 months ago when I could not go shopping without cracking up. I suppose its like wanting e

Debbie T: Hi All Just 2 let u know that the tickets for The Mulberry for 22nd March for raising money 4 the Rugby Club for CJ’s team to go to Cork are now ready – either from me, the Mulberry, The Rugby Club or Debbie from the Rugby Club. Tell your teachers and friends/parents. We have to raise £2600.00 xxxx DT

MUM: Hi Angel in the sky. Had a great night in the Litten Tree last night. It was so nice 2 C everyone again. I’ve started to write your letters. It has taken a while I know – i will write some whilst we are away. Hope U come 2 C us. Its the first time ive been away for more than 2 days without you. I know i will miss u so much – as I am sure it will be nice there and u would love it. I was lost without u last night and so alone. I just wanted u to walk through the door with your lovely smile. God Bless U. 2 gether 4 ever. Live in the sky big man xxxxMUM x

MUM: Dad and I are going away on Monday – hope u come 2 C us !!! Here is a lovely poem I found – It’s nice to know that I am STILL a mother and always will be. MUM 4 MOTHERS DAY: In an Angel castle – high up in the sky. My Angel now does Angel things that money cannot buy. Who am I to wish him back into this world of strife. No – move on my Darling. You have eternal life. At night – when all is silent. And sleep forsakes my eyes. I will hear his footsteps – gently coming to my side. His big strong arms – they hug me – sontenderly and sweet. I’ll breath a prayer – close my eyes and embrace him in my sleep.Now I have a treasure that I rate above all other. For I have known ‘true glory’ For I am STILL ‘HIS MOTHER@ xxxx God enters the heart broken with sorrow and opens the door to a brighter tomorrow xx Pls all LIVE IN HOPE xxWith Love 4 ever 2 getherx

MUM: Just B there in the Sky and pls help ALL ur friends to love their Mums – even though they may not realise the value of them and love them on that special day. I still will be soooo sad – but at the end of the day – I am STILL a mother Yours Truly MUM xxxxxxxx

MUM: Hi My Angel. Tired, stressed and sad. But I know I must continue 2 do what I do 4 U. Brick walls keep appearing and just when i see a white light at the end of a long tunnel – whoooooosh! Whallop – It’s gone. God I miss U. I am not so strong maybe as people think. Time will heal. People will say. What do they know ??? I know – that there are people like me who r going through HELL on Earth b cause we have lost u. Hence the need 4 me to write a book. Cruze want me to do it – as do many womens mags – just b cause this is such an event that people just don’t talk about. I can’t let it go. ALL I want 2 do is to help other people – in fact just the other people who have lost the love of their lives – ie their child as I have – Please Chris help me 2 help others to let go !!! I know there is a cause out there needed – that is OUR task. I will give me all to help us all tto cope and understand. The meaning of life needs to be known too u know that. Help all ur fr
nana: Hi sweetheart, still missing u like mad, just wish u would come down the drive, papa would have loved u to be here this weekend to show u his new toy, u would have been in your element with him. Mumbrought Tas today to see your room and where u used to come some weekends, she is very nice, and with the most beautiful eyes, paps would have pulled your leg. Still missing u heaps, think of u every day and night always talk about , dont stop thinking of u.wish I could see u, will do someday, feel u are with us. bye sweetheart, sleep tight, lot s of love xxx

MUM: Hi Angel: Well I did the 2nd course yesterday and it was a great success. Your Fundraising is reaching an all time high loads of events going on 4 U. Everyone just is so amazingly supportive to me and the events. U R really a STAR u r so special helping me to do all this. I am having a few good days for now so I am going to try and enjoy them whilst they last. I went with Caroling 2 day to Angel Bay and I left u some flowers in your special place by the rocks and the burnt area where i presume u had ur BBQ’s – we sat and looked out to sea it was lovely and again I felt so close 2 U. Love u 4 ever 2 gether 4 always – MUM xxxxxxxxx U R always in my heart, my mind, my dreams, every day I embrace the knowledge of the short time we had 2 gether and the fun we shared. xxxx

MUM: Hi My Darling Boy. Nana has been today. It was really nice too – I am so pleased. Thanks for helping us XX. We had a lovely walk and a talk – abour Guess Who – Our SPECIAL ANGEL – who else. I feel so much better now she has been. We just need to keep sending her love to help her. Hope u r here this week with your friends – on hols – even up at Angel Bay – hey we might just bump into eachother.!! If only !! God Bless U – you have touched so many peoples hearts and I will continue to do my special work for you as I know u r driving my Car !!!!! Love you 4 ever together – Please melt away my tears – and help me get through all my fears – to be strong and live my life – untill the day I see you. xx MUM

nana: Hi my darling, Istill find it so hard, to come on here, I miss u so much, my heart aches.I just wish I could see u coming down the drive or saying shall we go to Cheshire Oaks, knowing full well what u meant. I wish I could stop the pain I feel. Love u so much, by sweetheart, sleep tight xxxxxx

Debbie T: Hi All: Just a quick note to say I cannot beleive this site has exceeded over 4000 hits. Alex Bather needs a BIG pat on the back 4 this and a few BIG HUGS. Thanks Alex – u have enabled us all to share our happy and sad moments and get us through such a difficult 6 months. God Bless you. Love Debbie T xx I am sure you all agree !!

MUM: Today is Valentines Day. Dad and I are going to Capel. The birds are singing this morning for you. I feel as though today I can cope as Monday really hit home hard. I know u r happy in ur Castle in the sky. Alex has made a dedicated site now just for Chris Turnbull’s Barmy Army – I think it will live on 4 ever. I can imagine school re unions coming up poss when they have all left and been to university or work – and they will still meet up or converse in your name. Ollie was INTERESTING on Monday too. I think he was trying to tell me someting. PS Not Ollie Builtcliffe – my Cat !!! Take care all of you and make 2 day full of Happy memories.My wonderfull son. I love and miss u 4 ever. My heart goes with you. MUM XXXXXXX
. <3 jeni … //: happy valentines day chirs xx six months 2dai its bin ! cnt belive it ! it seams lyk i saw u 2 mins ago wen we was main fires up angel bay and havin a drink n dat ! stil aint properly sunk in dat uv gone ! im always expecting you cum cum owt wen wer up da hights ! today is a day wer ur ment 2 tell da ones dat you love dat you love dem ! so i rle do love you chris and u no it kepp an eye on us all up der in your special place and make sur you have fun 2 day love you mur dan life itself neva eva 4 get you love u lots lyk vodka shots ! ( and you no how much u loved dem lol ) love you lowdz luff jeni xxxxxxx sleep tite my bootifull angel xxxxxxxxxxx

Leanne: helo gorgeous, sorry havnt written on here for a while things been abit hectic with all the coursework etc:( missun u loads as always tomoro will be 6 months-cant believe its gone so fast! let me know your okay, love you more than anyone in the whole world xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
MUM: Hi My Darling. I walked to Angel Bay for the first time at 8 am this morning. No wonder u loved it up there. Needless to say I shed a few tears but what an amazing place. I saw a burnt out fire which i presume was poss one of yours. Now i have been i will go there more often – I love it. There were bits of bottles etc and I just sat and imagined you all having a fantastic time up there. I could almost hear u laughing. I love u xxxxxMUM xx

. <3 jeni … //: hiya chirs bbe xx rle missin u 2 day ! 🙁 ! im jst listenin 2 da song dat reminds me of u the 1 me n r liam was listenin 2 when we herd bwt it all wen we was on holiday ! bet ya no wat song im on about ! its obv ` the world greatest ` ! rle could do wid 1 of your big hugs nw ! missin you soo much me bootifull angel ! your mum is such a wonderfull person chris when i went 2 c her she told me somthing bout u and ste bien 2 geva and it jst makes me feel beta nw that i no both of u are safe up der im heaven ! luff yooh lowdz chris and tell ste im missin him 2 love yaz both luff jeni xxxxxxxxxx
Debbie T: Hi Maz OK Fine – Can u pls remind me where to come and for what time. Thanks

Hi Maz: No problem

MaZ: Hey Debbie, sorry I’ve been so long getting back to you, panto is in full swing at the moment! And I’m really sorry, buti don’t think I’ll have time to bring you the tickets (4 yeh?) but I could leave them at the door with your name on them and I’ll come to see you in the half term some time? Is that ok? I’m really sorry! Hope you and John are both ok xxx

Mum: Hi my Honey. Just to let u know Sue Coomber sent a donation of £250.00 for OVMRO from their panto group – and also a DVD from ALL the panto’s u did from being 2 and half yrs old at Treffor School. I haven’t watched it yet – but im sure it will be wonderfull. It was lovely with Margaret the other day – I felt so close to you there. I still ache for u and yes i’m still taking the tablets – but day by day a little strength comes along and lovely memories come too. It’s snowing as I write this and i will take u back to the day u and Ben Stagg came to Nana’s and played in the drifted snow like 2 five year olds – I wish i had photo’s – but the memory of u both stays in my heart. You had so much fun and u were SOOO happy. Hope every day is like that in ur special place. Love u 4 ever. Mum xxxx

x… jeni …x: iyaaa chris xx hope ur okie up der !! bet u was laffin on friday nyt wen i went ice skating lol ! r liam fallin ova n dat was well funi hehe i didnt fall over once i was well pleased ! well missin u babe ! cnt belive it will be 6 munths on the 14 ! it seams like 2 mins ago dat we was all down betws havin a laff ! i was on a bout the other day wen i was tlkin on ea the day b4 i went on holiday wid liam ! didnt think it would ov bin the last time i was guna speak 2 ya :(:( well hope u havin lots of fun up der darlin ! love u mur da ewt luff jeni xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Debbie T: Happy Birthday Laura – Thanks 4 yr lovely message. Take care. DT xxxx

Laura x: wow feels like ages since i wrote on here but only 2 minutes ago since i last saw ya which was up angel bay on the 2nd august! all i can remeber that night was leavin you n the lads up there, didnt ever ever think it would of bein the last time 🙁 can’t wait to see you again n your gorgeous smile! well it’s my 16th today n if only you js came here n for a split second it would of made my birthday the best one ever! well hope your not causin any mischief up there as you would of here! haha i was lookin through my phone at the pics of us at angel bay before n i saw the one of you burnin the tree!! well my lil angel i will write again soon and sweetdreams, love you and miss you X

From Debbie T: Hi All. Just to let u all know the fundraising is going from strength to strength. We are n around £7000 pledged so far and I have an appeal going into the North Wales Weekly News next week for someone to set up and host a Website for our fundraising. I am also appealing for the funds to reach £10,000 for Mothers Day 17th March and £20,00 by either the annniversary 14th August or CJ’s birthday 18th October. I have to say secretly that from my phone calls of today I feel we will do it. ALL that funding will go to Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Services. They wish now to buy some very expensive equipment which helps them to be in closer contact with eachother and the base. So, this is our new BABY. I know with your support WE can do this. The DRY suits have already been used in two local rescue’s and in Ogwen’s public talks CJ accident is already being used to publicise the dangers and create awareness of what we are trying to achieve. Take Care all. xx Debbie T xx

nana: Hi sweatheart, we are going to IOM tomorrow, Papa is going to finish your bathroom, it is still yours, no one will use it, hope u can see it from up there, I do miss u so much, I would love hug and the wink u would give me. Cant stop thinking about u. But we have to try to get on every day. luv u byt sweetheart. have a big hug and kiss from me. bye xxxxxxx

x… jeni …x: hiya debbie x was nice to see you to . had a lovley convo in the car . realy helped me when u sed ste n chris was 2gether up there . i no they will be looking out 4 every1 . ill cum round next tym im down thankyou debbie lots of love jeni xxxxxxxxxx

Debbie T: Continued. It was soooooo wonderfull. As I x plained 2 u Eiias has come up MEGA trumps and it’s all down 2 Chris Turnbull’s Barmy Army – 4 ever in my heart al of U. I think almost £1750.00 from ur non uniform day and a Carol Service u should b soo proud. It is so emotional and happy to write this 2 night I cannot tell u how I feel. Probably the happiest ever 4 a long time. As I said 2 the boys there will be a Launch of the Raft u bought with the walk poss at Gerionned – I would like the ‘Famous 5@ there – the special boys who were with CJ on his last day. But all of u who want 2 come 2. Lots of Love 2 ALL of U xxxxxxx Debbie T xxxx U R ALL 4 ever in my HEART xxxx

Debbie T: Saturday 27th January. Hi All I just want 2 say a BIG thank u 2 ALEX, CRAIG, JENI, and ASBO ( sorry I cannot remember ur name – no dis respect just I cannot remember everythig) but all I can say is that u made my DAY – even New Year – it was so hard not 2 hug u all sooooooo much and all I can say is do come again. I know it was hard 2 talk 2 John but even he said after it was so nice 2 C u all. He just expects Chris 2 follow you into the lounge. He has not just been there yet – if u know what I mean. I cried with happiness at seeing u all 2 night – I felt as though a little of Chris came with u all 2 day. Thank u sooooo much for coming – and if anyone else wants 2 come and C us u would ALL be soooooo welcome. I am so pleased 4 U Craig as I was so worried about u. U seem so grown up now and I am sooooo proud of U – Keep it up xxxx!!!! U ALL seem so mature – it’s astounding. There’s nothing more 2 say but I feel a little bit of Chris came home 2 day with your wisit it was soo

Mum: Hi My Darling. It was Pat’s funeral 2 day. (Next door) I really didn’t think I would be able to do it specially as it was at the Crem. It was nice and I am glad I went – I really felt u were there too as u loved her too. Another hurdle I guess. Thinking of all the things u did for them 2 which was so nice. They loved u too – it was that smile u know – we all know and loved. I’m sure u answered my prayers last night. Thanks. I love u more each day. I miss u more each moment. 4 ever in my heart. Hope u r having some fun up there in your Castle in the Sky. $ ever 2 gether. Love U Mum xxxxxxxxx

nana: Chris thought u may like thid I would if I could.If tears could buil a stairwy, and memories a lane, Id walk right up to Heaven, and bring you home again, if only I could sweetheart. luv u xxxxx

MaZ: Thanks Debbie! 🙂 xxx

Mum: Hello My Darling. Just 2 say I Love You with ALL my heart and ‘thanks 4 the Rainbows. xxxxxxxx

nana: Hi sweetheart, thinking of u all the time, not a day passes without I think about u. Hope u are happy up there, give Doris a hug & give guto a kiss, miss u so much, it hurts. bye darling luv u xxxxxx

MaZ: Hey big guy! Hope you’re still ok babe! Had a bit of a cry today which I havent done in a while but js saw something that reminded me of u n it just hit me how much i miss u! Love always gorgeous xxx Debbie… You have mail!! xxx

x…jeni …x: hiyaa debbie xx no rush or any thing bt have u rote that letter yet ? fnkoo 4 doin this luv jeni

xxxxx hiya chris babi xx hope u okie up der!! hope u havin fun in da new yr n keepin an eye on all ov us lot well missin ya lwdz n lwdz luff me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Debbie T: I know it is hard to write eapecially in the New Year – I know u have 2 get on. I also know that CJ will remember ALL his best friends as u will do so too. Just 2 wish u all the very best n your studies 4 this yr cJ will B proud of u. Keep in touch Love u all Sooo Much Debs T xxxxx

Mum: Hi My Love. It’s 5 months 2 day since i’ve seen u. It was so nice at Capel Curig yesterday. I feel so very close to you when I go there. I think it’s because I know u were so happy going there with all your friends. It will be a ‘special’ place 4 ever. I’m getting busy now too. I know u r behind me and keeping me going. Just keep smiling cos’ with each smile comes a Rainbow you can see for miles. Keep us all Happy. Keep us safe. Be happy where u r come C us soon xx ALL my love and more xx MUM
Leanne xx: hey chris, hope ur okay- im sure ur enjoyin urself up there! missin u like crazy atm, got a picture of us on the wall-look at it every nite just makes me smile so much seein u. i hope ur wtchin ur army, love you so so soooo much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

x… jeni …x: o yer and the headteachers name ir mr froggett

x… jeni …x: iyaa debbie fnkoo sooo much xxx me second name is evans ! the skuls adress is culcheth high school, whithington avenue, culcheth, warrington, cheshire, wa3 4jq fnkoo debbie luf jeni xxxxx

Debbie T: Hi jeni. I will gladly write u a letter – put your school name and address on here and your Headteacher’s name and I will write direct to them for you and mention you – pls give me your surname. I used to live near Warrington a long while ago too. Look after yourself sweetheart. Love Debbie T x

x… jeni …x: hiya chris xx sowie i aint rote in a while 1 had an argument wid me bf 2 nyt 🙁 and he sed 2 me id only have 45 mins wid u ne way if i cum i sed 2 him u dnt understand how persous tym is cus id give ewt 2 have u n ste bk 4 5 mins !! :(:( well luff u lwdz luff jeni xxxxxx HIYA DEBBIE x i would rle lyk it if u could ryt a letter or sumfing dat i could take 2 my skul cus i liv in warrington now ! and lowdz of the people in my skul go 2 capel curig n betws and places lyk dat so i jst wanna make sure that they all no wat could happen ! i would rle rle lyk it if u could do that and i cum and get it off u wen im dwn 2 c my dad 1 bt i can understand if u dnt wanna do it x fnkoo debbie hope evryfing gose well for u in da futur lots of luff jeni e

Debbie T: I know it’s New Year ut I would love 2 C some stories from you – about CJ anything FUN – Love Debs T xx

Debbie T: Hi All. Just 2 let u all know I have had a meeting with Ogwen Valley Rescue 2 day. It was lovely. They want to launch the Raft at Gerrioned Lake in the next 4 to 6 weeks when the weather improves. It will be run through the Press locally and HTV and BBC Wales. They have asked me to ask 12 of the C.T.B.A. to come along and represent him. I will leave it to u all to decide although I would like the boys who were with him on his last day 2 B there if it is not too painfull. Although I understand if it is. This will be so good for the C.T.B.A for 2007 as there lots of projects I have planned. Obviously talking to schools and raising £’s is my priority – this should save lives or at least create awareness. I cannot let u know all that is in the pipeline at the moment as there are various meetings to be held. All I can tell you all is that withought u all the C.T.B.A. is nothing. I thank u all from the bottom of my heart. I am so proud of u all. DT x
callum: i am really sorry to hear about chris hope u had a nice crimbo and a happy new year
ellen: hey chris, havent written in a while, been busy over christmas but ive always spared some time to think of you. just to let u no my nan died on sunday morning so please look after her for me. love you and miss you. xxx

Mum: Hi my baby – It’s Friday 5th January – losing u still seems like yesterday. Last year seems a 1000 miles away. Xmas as u know we got through. As I am sure ur friends did 2. U R sooooooooooo missed I know. There have been up and down days and I feel that none of us know what the next day brings. Thank u so much 4 the Rainbows. They have come so much at the right time 4 ALL of us. It seems when we ask 4 them they come I know it has worked 4 me. I love u more each day and know U R an incredible Angel xxxxxx Love u 4 ever MUM xxxxx

MaZ: Back to school on Tues!! Woooow- things are gettin serious now! GCSE’s r gunna be amazing!! HA! Neway, ill speak to u soon m8! I say a lil prayer for u every single day! More love than all the stars in the sky 🙂 xxx

Debbie T: I am taking Tash to Capel Curig on Sunday if the weather is OK at 12.00 – if anyone would like 2 come 2 pls let either her or me know asap xx Debbie PS Good Luck going back to school xx
lisa: hello sorry i havnt commented in a while. hope your ok up there chris nd that u had a great xmas and a new years party. i went to a party with tasha on new years eve nd we had a little moment where we thought about you and what u would be getting up to!! lots and lots of love lisa xxxxx

Debbie T: This is 2 everyone. Pls dont be afraid of saying a few words when u look on the site. Little is always better than none. We must ALL mov on but we will NEVER 4 get our BEST FRIEND Christopher James David Turnbull and Chris Turnbull’s Barmy Army WILL LIVE ON 4 EVER – I need all your support 4 2007 just as much as 2006. 2 day – New Years Eve John and I went 2 Capel and there were canoests there – the weather was so bad we could not even get out of the car and leave the flowers – but we felt that they saw our wreath and moved on to another area – we therefore feel that we have helped someone somewhere over that Rainbow. God Bless 2 U all. Pls keep the site going and I think we need 2 put some FUN memories of CJ now. I’d love 2 C your FUN stories – no more sadness now – lets remember the Happy times we spent with him. It’s hard 4 me 2 say but if u can ALL do that it will help me 2. Love U ALL soooooooooMUCH Debbie and John T xxxxxx Hope 2 C U soon. Take Care God Bless xxxxxx

x… jeni …x: hiya chris xxxxx how u doin uo der big man ?? hope wen da new yr begins u hav a gd`n up der wid ste n dat !!!!!!!! im well brd me !!! 🙁 mum doin me ed in but o well init ill c ya lata m8 luff ya lwdz n lwdz luff ya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

To John From Debbie: This message is for John and for all those who find showing feelings difficult. U can’t b busy 4 ever. You’ll have 2 stop and think. You’ll have to open up your heart and let your stomach sink. Your tears must not be silent. Your throat must not be dry. Just let go and show the world. Your not afraid to cry. The Angels will all hear u. They will be there when u call. Because it doesn’t matter what u feel. Love is the greatest gift of ALL. U won’t alway’s know it. It will seem quite unreal. But in your heart you’ll hear it. Listen to it call. An orchestra of Angels. A euphoric sound you’ll hear. Remember your the only one. Who let it in your ear. Keep it precious to you 4 ever. Let it be a story untold. For when u tell your story – It’ll be worth it’s weight in Gold xx Debbie T xxx

Hi My Baby: Words cannot Xpress how much I miss you – there’s a huge hole in my aching heart – I know u r safe – I know u r close in some way too. But 2 C u I’d give an ocean but I know it won’t come true. I think of all the good times, I am even writing down my memories. You will always be the most incredible person EVER to have touched my life – my Darling Son – My Angel. I love u. 4 ever 2 gether. xxx MUM

Debbie T: Here is a poem I found – although sad it sounds just like him !!! xx THE PARTING GIFT. I could not walk your path my friend. I had to walk my own. I had to plant my footsteps. On a path already shown. I did not have a choice my friends. I knew I could not stay. I had to leave your bordered path. I had to find my way. Your path for me was easy. I could have stumbled on. But something deep inside of me. Knew that it was wrong. I could not walk behind you. In frint, nor by your side. I had to step out bravely. My path was not that wide. And neither could i wait for you. Though surely I did try. I didn’t know the reason. I cannot tell you why. But now it’s donw were parted. The past is left behind. My path leads to fulfilment. And peace, I hope to find. Now, as dear friends we’ll travel. Our paths may often cross. And slowly life will kindle. From the ashes of our loss. Be brave my friends look not behind. Face front you will not fall. Giving me my freedom – has given me MY ALL

tasha: hey chris you dont understand how much im missing you we all are:(! stil cant belive it and want you here so badly.a year today we went to the cinema i can’t stop reading my txts of you , i also had a dream about you last nite you smiled at me but you were far awya its made me feel happy all day but miss you even more.hope your ok are santa in the sky! love you more each day tash xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
nana: Hi sweetheart, missing u so much, hope u had a good chrisy, up there, u would have been in your glory giving out the presses to me & papa and mum & dad, like u always did, I wish with all my heart u were here with us, luv u so much bye darling. xxxxhave a big hugxx

Ceri: Hey debbie nias address is 1 ffordd yr wyddfa colwyn heights or her phouse number is 539529 🙂 Hope u r xmas went alryt! have a gd new year 😀 The carol signin was good bumped in to u all so Me n Tom joined ya! C u soon Love u xXXx

Debbie T: Hi All. Could someone pls give me the address of tel no of Nia Barlow Edwards if u know it as she gave me a lovely video she made of Chris and friends and I would love 2 do something 4 her. I hope u r all OK and would love 2 hear from U. Thanks Craig Smith for cming 2 day and 2 Ollie 4 my pressie on Xmas Day – I will treasure it 4 ever. Sorry thanks 2 4 the flowers Craig Smith – they were lovely. Just 2 let u all know – I have been informed that St. Pauls Church Carol Service B 4 Xmas was half donations 2 Chris’s fund 2 so we r well on our way to an amazing amount of £6.000 and its all due 2 Chris Turnbull’s Barmy Army. Lots of Love 2 U ALL and hope 2 C U soon. Debbie T xxxxxx

Dan D: Not a day gon wen i ent thought of u, miss u!!!

Mum: Hi Chris Happy boxing Day. Hope u had some fun with all the Angels last night and lots of Vodka too!!! Missed u like crazy yesterday but got through it. Saw a lovely Robin in the garden too – just as I was about to go to work with Dad! Love u sooooooo much xxxxxMum

MaZ: Hey u! Hope you had a lovely day yesterday n have a gr8 day today! You r missed everyday n there hasnt been a day gone by when something hasnt reminded me of you n ur antics! So many memories will last forever! i love you hun!xxx John and Debbie, i hope yesterday wasn’t too bad for you, I know it can’t have been anywhere near easy but i hope you are both well! Oh n debbie, the first village panto is starting soon n i havent forgotten the charity night money going to Chris’ fund, so ill let you know!xxx

Leanne: Merry christmas Chris, bet your enjoying yourself up there, drinkin wkd no doubt:P missin u so much but had an amazin few hours with ur mum on friday was so ncie to see her and talk to her abbout you, had a few little stories! love you xxxx p.s merry christmas john n debbie hope your day goes okay xxxx
Craig Smith: Merry Christmas Chris 🙂 xxx

Mum and Dad: hi son. Happy Xmas morning 2 U. If anyone told us this is what we would be doing this yr we wouldn’t have beleived them. U are missed much more than words can say. My heart aches for you and Dad’s silent tear say it all. We are both going to try hard to be OK today – I am going 2 help Dad – u had better b there watching over us. Look after Nana and Papa too and allyour friends. We Love u 2 Bits our Angel in The Sky. xxxxx4 ever 2 Gether. With Love Kisses and Hugs xxxxxxxxxxx

Craig Smith: or just email me when it is ok with you 🙂 xxx

Craig Smith: Hi Debbie, would it be ok to drop off the money sunday? i hav got it all now and ready to bring to you 🙂 xxx

Debs T: Oooops I think I repeated myself – must b the sprouts !!!! xxxxx

Debs T: Hi All. Thanks Girls 4 coming 2 night. I loved yr stories and I hope u liked mine 2. Thanks ALL for the AMAZING fundraising 2 there r only a few now to collect of which I hope 2 C U tomoz or in the New Year if it has 2 B. I really want U ALL 2 try 2 have a good Xmas – pls do not feel guilty. I have at times felt that way 2 and I want U all 2 know that is all part of grief. However U R ALL younng and I know Chris would want 2 C U ALL having a Happy Xmas so don’t le him dwn. I would welcome ANY of U between Xmas and New Year and would love to go 4 a walk 2 Angel Bay and U show me where U had yr BBQ’s. Some of U have asked also 2 go 2 Capel – yes I will take U but I don’t want 2 upset U any more than U R. It is a beautifull place though – that is how I see it. So I will leave it up 2 U. I know he is happy now and I feel comfort from that so U must all do the same although we will ALL miss our Angel – beleive me he isn’t far away!!!! I love U ALL Soooooo much Happy Xmas xs

Debs T: Thank u Ffion, Becky and Leanne 4 coming tonight – it was lovely – not just the sponsor money but 2 C u too was geat. Only a few now 2 give in £’s so I ope 2 C u tomorrow otherwise in the new year. Leanne – it was so much fun listening 2 U about when u came 2 our house with CJ and Threw up. Fancy someone’s parent saying that !! But there’s only 1 Chris Turnbull and suffice 2 say there’s only 1 Chris Turnbull’s Mum 2. I remember that night so vivedly and it made me laugh all night 2 night 2. Keep those stories coming everyone as in the new year I am going 2 write a book – it will have mixed meanings ie about teenage life now and how I understand U and also about my/Angel it may take me a year 2 do but it will be good I assure U all. As I said 2 Ben and Ollie I would love 2 go to Angel Bay on a little walk with a few of you in-between Xmas and New Year as I would Love 2 C the place he spoke so much about. If any of u want 2 come 2 Capel let me know but if it will make u sad Iv

Ffion: Hiya Debbie, it was nice to see you today and have a nice chat, thank you for the pictures and poems.We’ll make sure we pop round and see you beofre the new year. Im glad your happy up there Chris, everytime i see a rainbow it makes me smile cause i know its you! Love u lots x x x x x x

x… jeni …x: iyaa debbie x hope the carol singin went well !! iyaaa chris hope ur okie up der big man i still aint cum 2 terms wid u nt bien her im goin up 2 c me m8 ste`s grave swn !! im goin c every1 dwn wales on sat hope u cum n visit us well luff u lwds and always will luff jeni xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Debbie T: Hi All. Just to say thank you to those of u who came on our Carol singing on Monday and a BIG thank u to those of u who bought my lovely Birthday presant – it was really thoughtfull. I think that the Carol sing raised about £35 so with that I thought of making up a hamper for the people who do all the rescue work at Ogwen Valley with goodies like chocs, tea, coffee biscuits and treats. I will gift wrap it for them and give it in to them in the New Year. Sorry to ask but PLEASE could those of you who haven’t yet given in your sponsor money try your hardest to BEFORE XMAS. I need to bank it ready to make the payment. I am still waiting for Kerry Whitely, Callam Higgins, Ffion, Becky and Leannne, Craig Smith and Liam Prewitt..
Hi My Angel: Well I’ve done it. I put up the tree 4 u as i know you would be cross if i didn’t. It was so hard but I am so pleased now i have done it. I hope 2 bg going with some of yr friends 2 night to have a little sing 4 u. Just been looking at last year’s birthday card – it feels like yesterday. Love you my bright star MUMxxxxxxx

nana: Hi darling, think of u every day, miss u so much, give doris a big hug for xmas & guto, and a big hug for u, from me , luv u so much. xxx
Linzi: Hey chris !! didnt speak2ya that much but did go2bofe skools wit u !! ur misd loads !! haha memba that nite in the woods when i woz goin crazy n u woz tryin2calm me dwn hahaha !! lotsa love linzi x.x.x.x.x.x

Debbie T PS: Thank u 4 such a lovely msg Alex. Hope u can come and Carol sing with us on Monday xx Debs T Happy Birthday for u 2 on Friday xxxx

MUM: Hi My Angel. 2 day is our Wedding Anniversary as u know. I’ve had a LOVELY card from Dad. We’ve finished our decorating now so I am going to go for a tree, and I’ll make it Xtra special this time just 4 u. You always LOVED Xmas – I’ve got a lovely Angel 4 the top of the tree too from Caroline. She’s been a really nice friend. Hope u r plannning a lovely time up there with just a few visits to us down here. We’ll sing till we r hoarse on Monday so hope u will hear us. Love u and miss u so very much. Every beat of my heart is 4 u. MUM xx

Debbie T: Seems as though we’ve all had a bad week. Bit this will happen. Although u guys have made it sooooo special raising all that money for the Fund. So BE OROUD of yourselves as I am of u ALL. Its a tough time of year for all of us but if u dont enjoy yourselves 4 him he’ll think you’ve all gone BORING – and that wouldn’t do would it. SO have a lovely Xmas and be good 4 me and Chris – look out 4 the Rainbows too. PS Who is coming Carol singing on Monday?? xxDebs T T H A N K S all from the bottom of my heart x
Olly: Its been a rubbish week and friday night im goin llandudnow ith stagg nd drew 2moz im sure u will be with us 2 😛 🙂 see you soon x

Olly: PHWOAR!!!!!!!!!! £1058.38 sumat like that anyway !!!!!

leanne: hey chris was non uni daay today, the lads raised so much for u, ud be wel proud had quite a crap week in school to be honest, been missin u loads wish u were stil ehre walkin me to reg every mornin lol love you so much come see me soon please xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Debbie T: Hi Jeni Take care tomorrow and b strong – it has been a tough weekend 4 me and John too – but somehow u get through it – u have to. Love and kisses xxxxxxx

x… jeni …x: ellw chirs x i hope u okie up der !! ?? goin da funeral 2 mz 4 ste 🙁 every tho u probz already no ! hope u n ste n nia`s mum r lukin owt 4 each ova up der n lukin owt 4 all ov us lot makin sure we dnt do ewt stupid ! ne hoo im off nw bye byee luff yaz xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Leanne: hiya debbie, me n ffion guna bring round our money tommoro evenin if thats alrite, if your not in then we’l just post in through the letter box if thats alright, take care x missin u chrisxxx

Joanna: Hiya debbie i have dropped my money off in ur letter box i hope u got it. i did knock on the door but u werent in. sooo sorry the money is late i have been really busy sorrrrrry! hope ur both well!!!! cya swn lv ya jo xxxxxxxxx

Mum: Hi my baby. Sur I don’t need 2 tell u anything about yesterday. U C I know u were there in da court with me especially when they got me another chair 4 the witmesss box. I was sooo worried about Dad as I was afraid that when I had 2 give evidence he would crumble. However the Judge and all involved were so nice and so kind and supportive that as u know we stayed 2 gether thru the whole thing. The press were there – but genuinely I feel only 2 push our fundraising appeal 4 next year. I can’t say it was nice – it would be wrog of me to do o and I know u wwould not respect me 4 that. However I would love as many of Chris Turnbull’s Barmy Army 2 come 2 gether on 18th December as there is no where I’d rather B than with U guys and b Carol singing. Sorry 2 push but could I PLEASE PLEASE have any outstanding money in B4 then $ the walk as I will have 2 pay 4 the raft myself otherwise. Know u have all been busy but pls help 2 collect funds in 4 me. When done CJ’s Barmy Army will B

Craig: alrite mate been round 2 c ya mum 2day and had a catch up bout the inquest and everything else thats been going on the boiz went to chester the other day chantin ur name round da streets lol hope ya doin ok m8 cya l8a 🙂

laura x x: hey my bodyguard 😀 i havn’t written to you for agessss so js thought i’d leave you a quick msg!! just to let you kno i think of ya each n everyday n the other day i saw two rainbows one above another it was well smart!! everytime me n tom see a seagull we say…oh there goes debs again!! lol!! i miss not havin our chats everyday on msn n goin up angel bay even tho the weather is crap at the mo n your fires would get put out in this rain haha you nutter !! well il write again soon if i’ve got any gossip for ya !! love you always x x

Mum: Just returned from the Inquest – Well what can I say – I KNOW U were there. That chair was yours u know what I mean !!!! Thank u 4 looking after DAD the Xtra hugs – even if he didn’t feel them were there I KNOW it. U R a STAR AGAIN hey U TV BBC and ITV Radio Marcher and Local – PRESS Daily Post and all the locals when they come out. you’ll B shouting – @ I’m a Celebrity – Get me out of here – !!!!!! I am sooooooo pleased that Dad and I coped 2 gether with the whole day – I am sooooo proud of him – even though I did the TV Interview he was there 4 me – u know it meant soooooo much. Thanks 4 the Rainbows this afternoon. I KNOW U were there 2 day – I felt u soooooo strong especially when they gave me another chair – it was because u were on the diddy one – and I know u held my hand. Love u 4 EVER and EVER – get by a tele 2 night 2 C us as a family re – united and proud of U xxxxxx WE love u SON xxxxxxxxx MUM and DAD xxxxxxxxxx

Mum: Night Night Sleep Tight – watch over Dad and I tomorrow npls give us the strength, courage and hope, God bless Mum xxxx

chris s nana: words cannot express how I feel, I miss u so much and would love one of our hugs sweet dreams my darling xxx give guto a hug for me to

Mum: Hi – My Angel in the sky. Hope u r nice and busy sending us lots of Rainbows and love and kisses 4 Xmas – we r ALL going 2 miss u so much. On 18th – my Birthday – 9just in case u 4 got0 !!!! We are going Carol singing 4 u. I couldn’t think of a better place 2 b than with yr friends on that day. 2 morrow is the big day 4 U as u know. Just b there and send another lucky rainbow 4 us. Love you 4 ever Mum xxxxxxxxxx

lisa: heeey i hope everything’s ok up there chris i know ur lookin after us all, my little sister the other day was asking me what u wer like nd i just wanted to say that although u cud sumtimes be a little naughty u wer soo bloody generous and hilarious in form hehe sorry it just made me think to write loove yooou xxx

MaZ: Hey youuu!! Hope you’re doing ok! Staggy just asked me to do his welsh homework cheeky shit lol!! Just got my room painted n decorated n stuff n the first n only pic I’ve got is one of you and me up Angel Bay n I’m kinda leaning on your shoulder, that pic means so much to me! Just brings back all the memories of you and that night, when we were all rollin down that hill n u were just sat at the top holdin every1 up and then you got pushed down it!! hehe! You’re a legend mate, and i love you xxx

Ceri: Hiya Debbie! u alryt? I will let nia no she can come and talk 2 u weneva she wants! I’m sure Chris and Denise (nias mum) will be watching us all 2gether now nd will b avin a laugh in heaven! Love u xXXx

Mum: Hi my Angel Just to say it will B 16 wks tomorrow – I just can’t believe it. I miss u sooooomuch – although I feel as I am coping better as I KNOW U R not far away 1! Thanks for all the Rainbows – even Dad say’s hi to u when we see one now!!! Pls b there 4 us on Friday – I am sure u will – pls hold our hands tight – we will really need u more than ever. Love u 4 ever my baby. Mum xxxxxxxx

Debbie T: Thanks Tasha, Thanks Ollie, and Thanks Leanne, the Video was lovely – it’s all I have of him speaking – just 2 hear him say ‘hello’ was ‘simply the BEST’ – if anyone else has ANYTHING photo – wise or ANYTHING of Chris on phone it would be lovely 2 receive. Pls can we ALL say a prayer for Nia Barlow Edwards – who I am aware lost her Mum today. Could anyone who is close toher pls tell her to contact me and I will gladly go to see her or she can come and talk 2 me. Pls give her my love and tell her that chris will be looking out for her I know it. He will send a special Rainbow for Nia too. God Bless little one. I think u should ALL taake this opportunity to VALUE eachother and your own parents – you just don’t ever know what is around the corner. So, ALL have a hug from me. Lots of Love Debbie T xxPS I hope u can all come carol singing on the 18th xxxxxx

tasha: debbie hope the numbers helped i’ll try and collect lisas this week and drop it round becasue i would like a chat to see how everything went . all my love tasha xx x x x x x

Olly: Hi debbie , i will get all the phone numbers for you tommorow then hopefully will lbe able to ring you tomorrow night with all of them. Thank you

Leanne: heya debbie i have emailed you the video and i hope you enjoy it, i no its quite short and the qualitys not that good but i hope ul enjoy it all the same, much love xxxxxxxxx

Debbie T: Hi Alex – It’s OK I know u have been busy – if u r coming tomoz pls phone b4 u come or put a cheque in my post box tel 543615 xx Don’t worry. That applies to all xx PS Alex and everyone – I would like 2 do Carols 4 Chris on 18th Dec – My Birthday Monday pls pass round dets 4 me. Love Debs T x

alex bather: hey chris hope your doing ok up there n im really sorry jen bout ste! and debbie i am really sorry about the money i will hopefully nhave it to you tomorrow morning! kk. bye chris hope your ok m8 cya x

Debbie T: Hi Everyone. U will be pleased to know the raft if now ready – so I desperately need the funds to come in now that r outstanding. I havent got contact tel no’s for Chris Phillips (ps yr Hoody is ready too) Joanna Kipps, Mat Rowe, Callam Higgins, Matt Hasby, Holly Williams, The others of u who have not passed on yr £’s could u poss give the cash to your Parents and get them to write out cheques for the amounts payable to Chris Turnbull Memorial Foundation and pass on to Ollie or Ben for me. If anyone knows the contact tel no’s of the people mentioned pls could u let me know. I am really desperate now guys. There is approx £600.00 outstanding. Please help.

x… jeni …x: cheers debbie i jst hope there lukin after each other i no they wil b luff u lwdz xxxxx
Hi Jeni: Hope u r OK. I have to tell u that Steve is with Chris – I have been 2 C a very special lady 2 day. Pls take care of yourself. Debbie T xxx

x… jeni …x: ellw bbe xxx it been a rle bad day 4 me 2 dai i jst round out me m8 ste collins has jst died :'( i no hell b okie up der wid u tho chris babi !! its rle hard 2 cum 2 terms wid it cus i haven even cus 2 terms with u bien gone yet but il pull my self frough !!!! make sure u luk after each other up der !! luff u lowdz chirs tell ste i luff him 2 love u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

MUM: Hey you. xx Thank u 4 2 day. It was my first JC contract course and it went brilliantly – looks as though I have a promise of some great business. I just know u were there 2 day – u must have been as I was so nervous. Thanks – I love u. As u know this is my dream 2 do these courses so I hope u will be proud of me. – Fell as though I ‘ve just done my mocks 2 !!!! Well my baby – it will be the 1st day of Xmas 2 morrow – I promise I will do my best 2 b positive as I’d love 2 do Carols 4 U with all your feinds on my Birthday – I just couldn’t think of anything better – looks promising so we will C. Make sure u r there 4 me tomorrow – be up bright and early. !!! I do feel better 4 now so I am going to do that while I can. That’s what we all have 2 do. I think Carols will be great – although I have said NO EGGS !!! Love u Lots and Lots 4 ever in my heart. My handsome boy – I love ur pics at Angel Bay – I look at them EVERY day. LOVE U xxxxxx MUM

Mum: Hi My Angel – Just 2 let u know that I am trying 2 get back 2 work moreso now, although it is so hard when I do my calls and there are children there. However, because of all the press etc most of my customers have been so understanding. It is so nervewracking – although when I get out of my visits I THANK u for another customer. God bless u. You were and still will b my life. I will NOT move on I WILL LEARN to deal with your loss eventually only for you. The pain will NEVER go away although I feel I am still to stay around and help other people and my job as u were awae gives both me and my customers a huge confidence boost. I look at yr pics az tho it was yesterday and will always ask yr advice whatever I do. You will b pleased 2 know although I do not sleep well I have calmed down my emothions. I have had 2 face alot about life n general and in some ways u have made some major decisions for me on my b half. U know what I mean. Love U 4 ever my baby MUM xxxxxxxxx

Ceri: Hiya chris how you doin up there? we’ve just finished the mocks finished them on thursday, i dont think i sat at a single desk that didnt have sumthin written on it in memory of you <3! Its weird getting used to you not bein in school still but im hopin itll get easier but itll never really be the same 🙁 debbie btw just to let you know im finishin up collecting my sponsors now n ill get them changed to notes then ill pass them on to olly it shoudlnt take me too long hopefully. missin you chris, keep lookin down on us cuz we’re always lookin up to you xxxxxxxxx

Debbie T: Hi all. Nice 2 have u back after ur busy time. Ellen – I remember taking Chris 2 the pics with u and thinking oooh Chris and the gorls OK !! You know this is so great me hearing your memories as it helps me remember too as u know I was a close part of Chris’s life – hence the name Debs I suppose and it’s just GREAT to hear your lovely words. I simply ache 4 Chris as i am sure u alll do too. But like u all I am sure he is in a better place. Take care of yourselves. I love u lots – pls come 2 C me whenever u like – it doesn’t have to be sad – just nice 2 xchange funny stories etc. Would u like to do Carols for Chris at Xmas – can u talk about it amongst yourselves and let me know. I think it would be nice to go carol singing for hime – no eggs though !!!! Pls let me know asap – Lots of Love to u all xxxxx Debbie T xxxxxxx

Ellen: hey chris, your song (simply the best) came on when i was at a party last night nd i said to my bf i no he’s lookin down on me now tellin me to go get another drink so i had 1 just for u =p theres not a day that goes by that i dont think of u. i miss you so much but i no your in a safe place now. i was thinkin the other day of the time me, u an charl foxley went to the cinema in like yr 4 nd u cried, i always think of that, makes me laugh. love you, miss you <3 xxxxx

x… jeni …x: iyaaa chris bbe xx i feel lyk da baby as every1s tlkin bwt der mocks n i dnt do dem till nxt yr !!! im sure u was round my house da ova nyt i was watchin tell n da lights kept goin on n off it did it 14 times i kept sayin 2 kenwright thats well chris messin wid me ed cus he nows how scared i get lol !! he was jst laffin at me kenwright iv shown him the news papers ! cus he kept askin me y i was so quiet n dwn quite alot of da tym so he understands nw bwt it !1 which is a grd fing !! was finkin bwt u last nyt sat in da bk ov me m8z car jst wonderin wah u was doin up der !! i no ur in a betta place nw but id still give ne fing 2 have u bk 🙁 well misssin u always and 4eva luff u lwdz jeni xxxxxxx mwah xxxxxxx

Mum: Hi my Angel – Well – how amazing is that we have done over 3000 hits and they’re all 4 u. We have all missed u more than u’ll eVER know. Hope you’re still happy over your rainbow in the sky – pls take cae of Dad and I and all yr lovely friends too and keep sending those lovely rainbows – it’s as though when I’m sad u seem 2 send one to say everything will b OK. Looks like you’ve sent ALL your quota for this month. I’ve been looking through all the bits and bobs you made me and all your cards and things – and also your video of 12th night – it was lovely, but sad. I’m going to put your little bits on the Xmas tree so u will see them when you come for a sneaky peak. It’s lovely to see people still writing little notes to u. Xmas will be so hard without you so we will all need to support eachother. We’ll ALL need some xtra pressies from u like courage, strength, and lots of LOVE. I love u with all my heart my baby. Keep smiling Love MUM xxxxxxxxxxx

Olly: ive thought of u every single day for a longtime each and evry day for the past few months and im really missing u and every1 is but it gets 2 different pple at different times, the thing i miss most is that smile and how had the ability 2 make every1 laugh! xxxx see you soon

miller: urite m8 hows it goin!! i am reli missin ya so much, i need ya wit me in school! still pissin around as always! u always made me laugh in school always da joker lol! u r a true legend! im in isolation on monday 🙁 lol guted 4 me or wot!! wer all missin ya so much m8 just want u bk wer u belong wit us!! u will always b in ma heart ma no matter wot! take care love you always! ur m8 miller

tasha: hey chris hope your doing ok ? jsut finished the exams realy stressful! and i revised alot and still failed were alwyas lucky with passing and all we did was mess about in maths! hehe miss you so much its unreal and there isn’t a moment goes by where i think about you all the laughs and advie and msn convos evry night.. jsut miss evrythingi put your jacket on evrytime i come home from school it makes me feel safe also to know that your with is all makes me happy ! pleae don’t forget how much your missed and thort off ok ! coz your irreplaceable.would give the world to have you back we all would love you so much and it grows stronger each day sweet dreams x x x x x x x x x x x

MaZ: Hiya you!! Im so stressed right now!! Got mocks coming up and and coursework and crimbo prezzies to buy!! I know u would have done it all with a smile on ur face so Im not gna complain too much!! Give me the strength to revise this week plzzzzzzzzzz!!! Always thinking of you, and always praying for you! All my love, hugs and kisses!! Mazzza xxx

lisa: heey chris, just want to say i was thinking about u in my pe exam coz i finished it early lol i was thinkin of the time u got stuck in a cuboard in year 7 haha made me giggle tehe aww i miss you lots and lots all my love lisa xxx

debbie t: Thats OK Leanne glad u have got over the mocks too. I miss him like crazy and I know you’ve all been busy but ask them 2 say hi. think he’s a bit lonely now or it could be me missing u all 2. Love 2 allxxxxxx Debs T xxxxx

Leanne: hey chris, u alright up there? not doin as wel as i had hoped in my mocks but il improve i hope:) me becky n ffi had a nice long chat aboutu yesterday sittin on my kitchen floor, cudnt hekp but smile wen i talked about u n how u wer in maths, stil cant bleev ur not here anymore thers not a day that goes by when i dont think about u and whats happened but i no ur in a good place love you and miss you more than ever xxxxxxxxxxx p.s debbie hopefully shud get money to u some time in the next few days just waitin to get money off a few last people, hope ur okay xx

alex bather: hey debbie im still wating for the last payment to come in hopefully ill get it to by wednesay nite i hope thats ok. and i hope you and john are ok! ALEX x x

Mum: Chris – Everyone tells me time is a great healer – sorry 2 b awkward but its not 4 me. I love u sooooooooo. I can NEVER let u go pls be good kind and happy and help me do the same I know u r an OLD SOUL no one needed 2 tell me that – have a lovely time – MUM xxxxxxxxxxx

Mum: Iknow u r all doing ur best 2 do well in ur mocks. Chris is really proud of u. Hope u can do this as he will be with u all the way. owever I know u some of u r coming on the site and not writing anything – it doesnt matter what u say just helps me 2 c u r all still feeling as i am sorry 4 being greedy but I love 2 read ur bits on here. The inquest is o 8th December so pls support us through it. Pls can I have any sponser money in asap fro those who need 2. I would like 2 nominate a few boys who wee with CJ on the day 2 be there when we do the pics – however if u dont want 2 do it I FULLY understand. It’s OK I just dont want 2 upset u any more especially as it is a special time of yr. Still love u all Debs T xxxx Don’t EVER 4 Get xxxxxxxxxxxx

x… jeni …x: ellw chris bbe xx hope u okie up der darlin !! im always finkin bwt ya ! i no ur keepin a close eye on all ov us makin sure we dnt do ewt stupid ! omg my dog bit me neck b4 bet u was laffin up der 2 ya self !! well misin ya lwdz n lwdz i no i tel u dis every tym i ryt on ea but i cnt say how much im misin ya luff u lwdz darlin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mum: Hi My Baby – We t 2 stay at Olies Mum’s last night and watched children in Need – Hope u were there – bet u were on stage with the girls. Everone enjoyed themselves and if u were there I am sure u did too. Missing u loads. Love u 4 ever xxxx Mum

Mum: Hi My baby. Getting slowly back to work now but it is so hard. I miss u so much each day – hope u r still happy up there in the sky. With all my love 2 u MUM xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Debbie T: Hi all. Hope u r all doing OK with your mock exams. Hope u feel better soon Jeni. DT xx

x… jeni …x: ellw chris bbe xx im well brd sat at home wen every1 els at skul its shit ! was finkin bwt u 2 dai mur da usual i fink its cus i saw sum1 hu luked lyk u ! its well hard seeing all these picz ov u on ea its still rle strange you not cumin owt and makin every1 laff ! well ill c u again sum day babi bye byeee lufff yooh lwdz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Leanne: Heeeey chris, been doin mocks this week and we got our maths reults yday and i got 46%! i no ud be proud of me haha stil missin u in maths somehow it will never be as fun as it was when u wer there sat between me n tasha lettin us watch things on ur fone=] love you and missin u loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mum: Hi my baby. I love u so. I find it hard 2 let u go. However now u will b pleased 2 know I AM trying to get shead and my business is coming 2 gether. Dad and I are hopefully reaching an understanding too. Hope u will b pleased. I still cry 4 u each ight, the loss will not leave me, I just hope u r happy and then if u let me know that maybe I will try 2 be so 2. Love you with all my heart mUM xxxx


x… jeni …x: ellw chris bbe xx hope u okie up der darlin !! we all stil missin ya lowdz yano !! its still rle weird wid owt ya welll missin ya n ill always miss ya luff yooh lowdz luff meeeeee xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mum: 12 Weeks today. It still feels like yesterday. A COLOUR FOR CHRIS. If u were a colour in a Rainbow. I know it’d have 2 b blu. Cos’ everyone around you – loved and worshipped u. Blue boys Lead and Support. They are strong and create happiness too. They give spiritual and emotional guidance, to those who need it too. Purple also is a colour 4 u. Power, strength, wisdom above and beyond others. It is the most Angelic. However, we are mother and Son – OUR COLOURS – ARE THE RAINBOW – so bright so strong so powerfull. Each one brighter and bigger than the last. With more stonger memories of our past. There’ll always b a rainbow and I’ll always look 4 blue. Cos’ it’s a special colour – a shade – a part of you. God Bless xxx Mum xxx

laura x: hey hey 😀 js as maz said we saw a cloud wen we were in the hot tub on friday night n im sure it red sumthin cos there was letters but we couldnt quite work out wat it said!! so when were in there next time write us somethin in the sky angel n more clear hehe, we wer sayin how we would love it if there wer some lads in the hot tub with us n i bet you probably wer!! we love you chris dont ever forget that your always in our hearts n i think of you everyday big hugs n kisses x x

MaZ: Hey u!! We all saw u on friday night!! The sky was completely clear n then there was just one cloud!! You could have been a bit more subtle hehe!! After everything your mum said n just little things that have happened I’m absolutely positive that you’re still around, no doubt about it!! Love always xxx
Mum: PS Hope u enjoyed the HOT TUB xxxx

Mum: Hi My Baby. I hope u r ok. I’m writing poems to try to get me through . It all seems so like yesterday. I can’t tell u how much I miss u. Stay safe and look after and help us all. Love u always xxMUM

MaZ: Hey Handsome!! Went to see your mum today with Staggy, she thought we were lovers!! hehe!! Me n Ben just kinda looked at each other like noooo!! lol! Your cat is gorgeous!! Even though Ben was scared!! Your mum’s amazin ya know, she really is! Got my hoody today too, i love it!! Can see myself wearin it all the time!! Everyone’s still missin you like crazy n still raisin money n doin everythin we can!! Few girlies going to Cat’s hot tub tonight!! Should be a laugh if u wana join us!! haha! Neway, im goin 2 go n get ready!! I’ll speak to you soon, i promise i won’t leave it too long!! All my love, Maz xxx

Debbie T: Thanks Lisa and well done 2 u too. Yes jusy see if u can round up some of the others 4 me andjust phone me then,xxDebs xxxT

lisa: heeey debbie i stil need to give u my sponser money but some stupid little boys havnt given me my £2 and £3 they owe me lol! when i get all of the money shall i come drop it off some time or when is it a good time for you? by the way i have raised about £80 xxxx

Debs T: Hope u r all having a good bresk. Its OK 2 C me whenever u feel u need to – OK. Hey guys – he’s missing u around. I am not here 2 make u sad as u know from tha walk. I hope we can all do that as an ongoing thing in the future, the non Uniform day should b a biggie so pls dont sing without permission. On another note can the girlies invite me to Bobfire Nnnnight at E Park or would u like to go elsewhere. I am going anyway so it would love 2 say hello if poss – let me know. xxxxxx Debs T

Debs T: thanks so 4 letting me know u r getting on with the sponsor money. I have been on a tour there 2day. I’d love 2 take a few of u at a time and it is realy interesting. U may even to go ona ission with them – not a dangerous one but just a follow up.Their hut is really basic and I would love to brightn it up for them – so loads of ideas too for Xmas the main one being Carols for Chris at christmas – I am looking at dated at present – do u have any in mind, My birthday is 18th Debember- is that 2 close – just let me know giuys. Loved the frocks last time but us girls want a bit more whatever – I’m sure the girlies will let u know. Hope u r having a nice break off school. Been to Cap Lligwy Falls to day too – Chris I’m sure will be sending his love to all.He kept the sunshining for me Bless him and all of u xxxx Debst

Craig Smith: hey..hope evry1 is ok? i got some more sponsor money to collect and then i will bring it down to your house, i will phone or something first tho. debbie my email is thanks.. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Olly: HALLOWEEN 2DAY , tongith should be a right laff nut wud be 10 times better if u were here cya xxxx

x… jeni …x: iyaa chris bbe xx i no u was all watchin us on sat up the dog ! it was mint nyt liams b-day u would ov luffed it !!! was finkin bwt ya up der wonderin wah u would ov bin doin if u was wid us still !!! missin u soo much bbe luff u mur dan ewt luff jeni x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x

Debbie T: Hi Maz and Chris Phillips – Just 2 say Maz – I have ur Hoodie ready now. Chris Phillips yours will be ready Mon pm.

Debbie T: Hi All. It was THE most emotional day this morning in assembly with you guys. Both Happy and Sad – Happy due to the fact that C.T.B.A. have their name on the raft and I’m sooooo impressed with you all. Sad as that will be the last assembly with you all until next year around Easter time. By then some of you may have even left. I know it has been a hard year but I am so concerned for you all as u know and just want u all to be able to give it your best shot. Chris would want that too I KNOW it !!!! Could you all please arrange either with Ben or Ollie or myself to deliver yous sponsor money asap as I have ordered the raft now. My tel no again is 01492 543615 and e mail is Thanks again ALL of yu for listening today. Stay close, stay focused and TOGETHER we will get through this. Lots of Love Debbie T xxxxxxxxxx

alex: hey debbie, iv got 2 more people to collect sponsor money from and i will have to you as soon as possible. is that ok?

MaZ: I’m just off to bed now n popped onto this! I read it all the time even though i don’t write that often, it’s good to read what other people are thinkin n feelin! You’re always at the back of my mind, wherever i am n whatever i’m doin! You truly were a legend n your legend lives on! Speak soon n ill write more often too!! Night night handsome! Love for ever xxx

TAZ: rest in peace mate..thers only 1 chris turnbull!

Other cuz: Hi chris, im your other cuz that you never realy met but still felt sad with the news. Looking at the photos, if only we could turn back the clock and had some nights out together with you and your m8s we will make up for it when we meet up again. lots of love kay.***

Chris (chris”s cuz): Been looking at your brill photo”s, wish we could have seen you grow up to wear spedo”s like your dad. You have some awsome m8″s which seem to think alot of you just like us in cumbria even thou we didnt see you much. you used to make us laugh when you came out with the phrase “Grandma lilly”s got no willy.” Well chris take care of your mam and dad i think they need abit of T.L.C. at the moment. lots of luv and big sloppy kisses.**

Debbie T: If u wish to keep all these comments then u put the cursor on the green area anywhere and right click – it says on list print – press print and it will print the last 3 or 4 pages – go to bottom of current list and press prev and go back until u get them all from the beginning. DT xx

stagg: ello matey…the walk was amazing a really great turnout and alot of money was raised 😀 Chris turnbulls barmy army!! o it was good dwe had a lot of laughs dressin up as women! god its hard..wiv all d make up etc lol:D newayy cyaa soon xx

Debbie T: Well – YOU’VE DONE IT GUYS !!!! YOU HAVE PLEDGED AN APPROX TOTAL OF BETWEEN £1200.00 – £1400.00 THANK U FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART XXXXXXX CHRIS TURNBULL’S BARMY ARMY SHOULD BE _ WELL PROUD OF THEMSELVES !!!!!! SPECIAL THANKS TO BEN AND OLLIE FOR DOING THE FORMS ETC. Just one point guys – don’t hand in money in school – we will sort it out at the weekend so that Ben and Ollie are not responsible – we could always meet up at 2 different times and sort it all out. I will have another ‘SPECIAL’ announcement to make hopefully at school on Friday !!!!! You’ll like it !!! The next event I would like to do is a Carols for Chris in December – you all need to get down to some SERIOUS work now – Listen to Auntie Debbie !!! The Carols event should be a BIGGY and OOOOOOOOh soooooooo special ???? Love and Kisses – I am too emotional to say much more Debbie T xx


x… jeni …x: ellw bbe xx r liam wid me im well missin ya !! 🙁 🙁 got a bf iv bin tlkin bwt ya 2 him hes well swnd !! im soooo missin ya im sowie i missed da walk bt i live so far awya it hard 2 b der !!! 🙁 im missin u so much babi boi luff u lowdz luff jeni xxxxxxxxxxxx P.S il always memba u 4 eva n eva luff u xxxxxx

Ffion: Hey Chris, the walk was really good and funny yesteday haha i bet we all did you proud 😀 got our hoodies yesterday aswell and i LOVE mine.Thanks Debbie for orgnasin such a great day. x x x x x x x

Nia: Hi Chris .. Just Seen The Pic Ov Alton Towers On Here It Made Me Smile Becuase It Reminded Me Of How We Used To Be ! Yr5! Amazing! And Felicity! God I Know How Much You Secretly Loved Her ! Hope You Had A Great Bday Babes! And Congrats To Everyone Who Did The Walk! Xxx Love You Chris And Thinkin Of You
olly: WOW , yesterday was amazing and i take my wig off to debbie for orgainsising it and how much effort you put in ! it was an amazing day and so fun the prizes were amazing and pizza hut was so fun! and thanks for gettin pizza hut 2 do that for us. i dont think it was a coincidence that there was a MASSIVE rainbow as we left the view it was you ! i know it !!!!! and just a HUGE thank you to debbie yesterday you were amazing !!!! xxx

Debbie T: We raised £242.45p on walk !!!!! Thanks all xxxx

lisa and hollie: well what can we say….just want to say we really both enjoyed ourselves 2day wearing the wings and the afro. we know we all made chris proud nd as for the lads well… theyv got guts to be walking around town like they did!! debby will drop the sponser money off as soon as we have got it all thanx for organising a great day loove you lots r.i.p chris love you always lisa and hollie xxxxxx

Debbie T: Thank u aLL for a truly amazing day. Anyone can call in tomorrow with money etc just ring first no prolem. I cannot imaging what we have raised but its all down to u guys – Chris would haveen proud of you – he was – he was smiling through the Lov to all Debbie T

Leanne: heeey:) did ur walk today, was so funny hahaha i think the boys are all secretly gay:) us girlies were angels n fairies obviously:) also, we got the chris turnbulls barmy army hoodies today and ther nice!! i got lea lea on mine which i no ud of been happy about:) and i won a pedicure n manicure on the raffle!! thanks debbie for everythin ur a star=] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jo: hiya chris we walked miles 4 u today it was gr8!! the boys looked soooo gd as womwn im sure half of them enjoyed being a woman 4 the da lol! we raised lots of money on our travels 4 ur mums charity. it wouldnt of been a better walk if you were there starting all the chants. like you use to. missing u loadz and well done to every1 today it was great!!! thnx debbie! lv ya x x x x

jade: the song simply the best just came on nd i imediatly 4t of u!! sori i couldnt make it today thou but i’ve sponsered ppl !! luv u chris xxxxxxx

to chris our angel:: a soul in heaven forever may you rest, having you in our lives we were all truly blessed, the times we laughed and shared a joke, to the sound of your voice whenever you spoke, the times we needed you and you were there, to the love that you showed it’s beyond compare, our lives have been touched by an angel of love, i know your in heaven watching from above, these moments i will keep forever in my heart, for in this life my dear friend we must be apart, but when the time is right we will meet again though the the moment it is hard to comprehend, a soul in heaven forever may you rest, having you in our lives we were all truely blessed. sorry i couldn’t make it to the walk, but i love you so so so much n i think about you everyday xxlozxx

x.. jeni ..x: ellw bbe xx bin rle rle drunk 2nyt lol iv bin chattin pure shit lol bin tlkin bwt u bbe :9 missin u lyk mad bbe i well miss ya soooooooooo much ya wouldnt belive it bbe luff u so much lv ya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Staggy and Drew: ite m8 ur 16 jesus would of been the party of the year m8 me and drew still think its unreall…..!! we are hammerd u wud av been ea now fair doos!!! me u nd drew!! i will always member wat u sed! i love u so much m8 i will never forget you!! your mum is amazing cant believe how amazxin she is shes jus fantastic like with hoodies and the walk 😀 shes great….see you soon m8 love u so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Debbie T: The walk is from THE VIEW tomorrow at 1PM – Pls get there asap b4 then as we have to be back at theshop for 20 past 1 for NEWSPAPER pics.

BootH: misssin you loads m8 – weekend riots are just never the same lol , happy birthday for yesterday ,,, miss you m8 – see ya soon enuf fella xxxxx;)xxxxx

Debbie T: Continied. I told you I loved you everyday and more. The door to my heart will be open to you for evermore xxYou were morn ‘spcial’ a miracle birth !!! So, Take on your ‘special task’ and do us proud. Let me know how u do. I pray for u each day – I pray for u each night. I’ll pray 4 ever 4 u to be my guiding light. So, whoever you may be tending. Don’t 4 get OUR LOVE is NEVER< EVER ENDING xxxxLove u sooooooooooo MUMxxxx

Debbie T: Just thought of some more words for u. Well u r only 16 once!!! ME AND YOU. If we were sat here side by side. Neither of us had anything 2 hide. What would we talk about. Any Ideas? It would be amazing how we cold mend eachothers tears. Just a few words outspoken. Maybe time for a heart to be broken. More often than not our wounds would be mended. It will always be as your life never ended. As we always talked for eternity. There was always a solution for every problem that be. We play fought. Great fun. Bedtime battles 1 to 1. Glad the coathangers came in handy. That was Nana Doris reminding me fine and dandy.Crabbing, just walking along rhos together a few yrs ago. Our scary drive 2 Cheshire Oakes- where i always missed the turning – and your jokes!!You wernt just my son Chris- u were my BEST FRIEND 2 THE END – who i’llsadly miss. The only person in my life 2 offer ‘Love Unconditional’ no matter what – I know that was our personal pledge.I have no regrets. I told u I loved u every

lee: happy b’day m8, missin you so much, nd ive sprained ma thumb 🙁 R>I>P love you bud
beth.e: heyheyhey…happy sweet 16th m8! knowing u, im more then sure your having one hell of a binge drink up there! dont over do it! *sail with me across seas filled with sorrow…stay with me beause theres always a tomorrow* much love beth xxxxxxx

adam turner: orite chris m8 u dnt no me but u luk lyk a gd lad n u got sum gd m8s n family dat lv u 2 bits bet ur livin it up in dere u a gd lad n i tink dis walk that every1s doin 4 u its gonna b gd b beta if u were here! u in my thoughts m8 i no ur lukin dwn on ur friends n family they all love you! cya m8 u a gd lad!

ceri: Missin you ldz1 Hope uve ad an ace bday up ther! you were born this time 16 yrs ago! 7.40pm Love youuuuu xxxxxxxxx

gaz: HAPPY BIRTHDAY M8,jus cnt explain how weird things r wivout u,were all missin u loasds,sleep tite m8

MaZ: Hey Birthday Boy!! Missin you more than ever lately, I dunno if its because its your bday or wat but this past week, u havent been off my mind at all! Had a really big cry to myself last night, bein the big geek that I am!! It just makes no sense that you’re not here, everybody should be allowed to celebrate their 16th BDay with all their family n friends around them shouldnt they?! I just hope and pray that you’re havin the bestest time of your life up there!! Forvever in my mind and heart, i love you xxx

Ffion: Happy Birthday Chris <3 I miss you and i really wish you were here with us all! Love you x x x x x

Ceri: Happy bday! Have an amazin tym up there! Shame u wont b partyin dwn ea but we all know u’l be up 2 sumut up there! Missin you! Btw thanks for the emails debbie Love you ldz xxxxx

alex: happy birthday chris! i wish u wer here still wid us m8 x

Debbie T: Hi My Baby. Dad and I have just come back from Capel Curig we put a lovely wreath for you all in your special Rugby colours, and some flowers from Nana and Papa. Nana rang last night and will be in Antigua tonight – maybe u could hop over there 2 give her a little hug !! Although I have really missed u this morning – not opening your pressies – the only 2 mornings u wouldbe up early would be 2 day and Xmas, I feel a sense of peace. I feel today is the day to say REST in peace 4 ever my baby. Stay close to us. I really cannot say uch more – the rest is in my poems. Thank you Alex so much for coming last night and the boys for doing this for 2 day. It’s lovely. Your words are sweet too. xx Love to all of you. Debbie T x

Lauz x: Happy birthday little angel !! I can’t believe it’s your birthday n your not here to share it with us 🙁 but im sure all the other angels will be wishin you a happy birthday and havin fun drinkin n all those other rebelious things you used to love n do !! hehe !! you wer one hell of a guy babe we js wish u could still be here with us to this day. very sexy pic of you in your suit 😛 tehe!! better be off i hope your ok, stay with us through everything, i know you will cos i could see you close to us in the sky last night shining rly bright, love you forever always in my heart x

Leanne: also lmao at the pic of me u felicity n nia at alton towers on the log flume hahah i remeber that day SO well, only in year 5:) and i hav badly dyed hair lmao xxxxxxxxxx

Leanne: helo sweetie, happy birthday! i hope ur havin a good time. im at home ith a flu bug or sumat soo im at home thinkin about u loads. i memba jus a few months ago i sat in maths with u writin out ur bday party list and talkin about where we wud all sleep n who was bagsyin the bed or the couch! i realy realy do miss you chris and i no soon il see u agen. i jus wish u wer here u wer the best boy mate in the world. i love you so so so much hun xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

x… jeni …x: iyaa chris x i no u would b prtyin wid every1 2mz bt it dnt mean u cnt av a prty up der bbe ! happy b-day 4 2 mz chris luff u millionz xxxxx finkin oc ya debbie

mark,liz & phil: Thinking of you Debbie and John on Chris’s 16th birthday 18.10.06 xxx

Debbie T: Just to let u know the sponsor forms are FREE.

Debbie T: PPS ANY MORE PHOTOS OUT THERE PLS in time for Chris’s Birthday if poss pls send them to Alex Bather. Love Debbie T

Debbie T: Ben Stagg is organising the hoodies for me so pls speak to him or phone me direct if u wish on 01492 543615 – I am ordering them Ben and Ollie are taking the orders. PPS EVERYONE MUST HAVE A SPONSOR FORM TO COME ON THE WALK. The idea is to get sponsors b4 the day if u can. Any problems pls call me. Debbie T xx

jord: ite fella its porka ope ur doin ok up der m8, we r al stil finkin bwt u, on da last day of dis term we r all wearin chris turnbulls bramy army hoodies lmao its al 4 u m8 da legend dat u r 🙂 missin u sooo much skwl js not da same wiv out u 🙁 g2g nw m8 sleep tight m8 love u always jord xx

lisa: heeeya debby, errm im sure every1z excited about the 21st i know i am! im just wundering where we can get the hoodies from?? r.i.p chris love u always lisa xxx

Soph: The walk sounds great!!!! ‘Babies and Angels’ is a great idea!!! its gunna look great!!! also the hoodies sound good and want 2 get my hands on one of them!!!! looking forward 2 the walk so c u all there!!! missin u lots chris alot alot:( xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Debbie T: To continue – it will go from tHE VIEW and end up here and its a SINGALONG – can u send me suggestions for songs i have had none yet – the ones Chris liked. Ive done a list so u may be stuck with them – but i need someone to get all the words for them – Alex can u do that if so pls call me on 01492 543615. Hoodies are also an option with Chris Turnbull’s Barmy army on them at £18 I need to know and have £’s by Mondaypls. Chris’s Birthday would have been on Wednesday 18th this week so ‘Make a Wish’. Debbie T xxxx

Debbie T: Hi all Just to remind u the walk is next Saturday 21st at 1 pm Ben Stagg has all the forms and so has Ollie forms are £1 each – it is FANCY DRESS although some of u r still going to do ANGELS and BABES – so its nappies for the boys and Wings for the Girls, or any FANCY DRESS. Chris liked the Blues Bros so thats another idea and i have a suit here for anyone who wants it.

alex: hiya debbie, when is the walk? wb ALex

MaZ: Hey big guy in the sky!! 2months today n u havent left my mind allll day! Just little things remind me of you n i cant get u outta my head! Thinkin bout you actually bein here all the time helps tho, just knowin you’re kinda lookin out 4 evry1! Miss you always xxx

x… jeni …x: iyaa chris bbe xxxx im missin u fukin lowdz goin a prty 2 nyt :d guna b grd but i was ment b der 4 7 n its 9 nw lol well bbe u dnt understand how much i luff my bee misisn u mur dan ewt always finkin ov u luff u so much xxxxxx n stag happi b-day xxxxxxx

Staggy: ello chris m8y! iv jus had my birthday, it was crap compared 2 last year wen we had tht party nd u bought 2 big bags of booze! nd u collapsin on my stairs lmao was soo funny my birthday was nuffin without u, m8 iv had sum problems but i need a best m8 like u 2 b aroujnd 2 tlk 2 about them i neva met ne1 like u, so erasy 2 talke about nd well i cnt put it into words how much i miss u i love u m8 ur still my best m8, nd well ur just the best lad iv ever m8 i cnt stop thinkin bout u i avnt gone a day wivout thikin of u or mentionin ur name, even 2day in llandudno u wuda helped me pick out sum clothes in river island 🙂 nd then cum bak 2 mine 2 drink lol awwww omg m8 i love u soo much nd i will never forget u!! your mum has been amazing too i cant put it into words how much ur mum means to me, all this work 4 the funds and all the hooddies nd sponserd walk is going 2 be brilliant i love u chris xxxxxxxx i love u debbie and john , john opefully we can av a game of golf soon? love u all x

…jeni…x: iyaa bbe xx 2 munth 2 dai n i still cnt blive ur gone yano 🙁 lukin at these pics makes me fink dat im guna c ya the nxt tym im dwn me dads but then it all cums bk :'( ur r lil angle and always will be luff u mur da ewt bbe xxxxx *!* YA DA WORLDS GR8EST *!*

Nia: Chris … A Student .. A Son .. A Friend .. And Now An Angel xx <3 Love Yoou

Nia: Hiya Chris Was Thinkin About You Las Nite How Everyone Is Missing You Still … And Debbie I Think Your Ideas Are REaly Good! Sorry I Havent Been On Here For Ages But I WIll Try And Write And REad More Often From Now On xxxxxxxx

Olly: Debbie im writing as i said i would , ive got those jobs undercontrol and the walk sounds really good im sure alot of people with do it ! and the hoodys wil be great see you soon take care much love x
x… jeni …x: iyaaa every1 ! il make sure im dwn 4 da walk fing il get in touch wid r liam so he can let me no wahs goin on n dat well c ya all lata n miss u chirs luff yooh lowdz xxxxxx

Debbie T: PPPS You all seem to be reading but not writing – come on guys keep it going – it really helps me to write so i am sure it wwill help u too. It really dosnt matter what u say. Take Care xxxDT

Debbie T: Another idea is a song sheet 4 the songs we want 2 sing could u let me knoe by e mail yr fav’s and chris’s and no f**** words !!!! Some good old – sorry singalong songs. E mail me with ideas – Love and Kisses xxx

Debbie T: Hi All As u r all aware Chris’s Birthday of 16 yrs would have been next Wednesday 18th October so officially to cmmemorate this there is a sponsored walk. Ben Stag and friends are organising this I think we said Sponsor forms are £1 each. I am at present getting prices etc for Hoodies with Chris Turnbull’s Barmy army on the back and C.T.B.A. on the front they are coming out at £22.00. We were going to charge £25 for them but I suggested to Ben – because of the difficulties in getting Venue’s and my fear of upsetting people I have suggested that we go to Pizza Hut on Saturday sometime. Get 2 gether and let me know what u think. We will have to have some mums and dads to help with lifts etc. Do let me know asap guys so I can phone pizza Hut and poss get a deal. xxxThe Walk should start from our home at 1pm on Sat 21st and go on some kind of route up to the heights and back to here. I have 2 have Police escort but they know about the Chanting etc – just as long as we are not sill

alex: hey chris m8! went out to rhyl on sat nite! wish u wuda cum! more of a laugh, it was only me and craig wuda bin gd u bein der went to dis girls party wid lots of girls lol wish u wer stil ea m8! miss u x

lisaa: oooh a fun walk shud be a great laugh cant waaaaiit hehe!! and the boys shud look rather dashing in their nappies!! just want to say debby i think ur poems are amazing and can mean something to anyone love you chris!! byee xxxxx

x… jeni …x: debbie can u plz let me no wen da fun walk is plzzzzz fnx lv ya z

Mum: 8 Weeks today Chris – It feels so much longer. We are arranging a FUN walk for u with all your friends and they are having a Sweatshirt made with Chris Turnbull’s Barmy Army on it. Love u 4 ever. Mum xx

Olly: hi chris, hope your ok up there and having a good time ! i still can’t come to terms that im never going to see you again ! its sooo weird and differernt i just want you back soooo much like evryone does but im sure one day i will see you maybe not soon just one day! ill NEVER EVER forget you and i think about you everyday goodbye for now and take care mate

Mun: Now thet your nothere 2 share my life each day. feel a sadness in my heart. That will not just go away. When the sun goes down. And evening starts 2 fall. Is when my arms long 4 u. And I miss u most of all. But, when we were 2 gether we were as close as we could be. And there’s no one else on earth who could mean the same 2 me. LOVE FROM MUM R a STAR SHINING BRIGHT INTO THE NIHT XXXX

Mun: Hi Baby – Had a lovely meeting with your friends. Gave a few bits of yours away. Jordan Pics amazing – had a laugh !!!! The walk will be lovely – 4 Some reason ALL the boys want to do thenappy rhing – cos’ son it’s just like u !!!! They decided !!!!!! The girls still want 2 B Angels – but we have left it open 2 all as FANCY DRESS – We have ALL said u will b there as something silly so we r nominating a sub 4 u – Who should it be \// \given a few bits to your friends and they were touched as John and I were. our friends r sooooooloyal 2 U. I am proud of u so much as loyalty and trust mean soooomucch between GOOD friends. Thank u 2 the boys and girls – its all down 2 u xxxxxx Also 2o a very special teacher who is doing something independantly to raise funds – thank u 4 ur time from the bottom of our hearts. xxxxxxxx Love u all Debbie T

ellen: heyy chris sorry i couldnt be at the rugby match today i’ve been gettin migranes so i took the day off. ive been thinkin of you all day and of how much i miss you. but i no your still with us an i keep rememberin the good times an like charlotte said haha when we went to see monsters inc years ago and you cried how cute =p!! love you babe miss you <3 xxxxxx

Olly: by the way apperently every1s doing some more chants for u at break 2moz BRING IT ON cya xxx

Olly: hey chris! once again the chants of ” theres only one chris turnbull” echoed round the ground !!!!! OUR TEAM WON CHRIS ! down 2 const mainly he got 5 trys !!! HA i bollocked for singing your song by mr wilko ” lets go f****** mental lalala ” i think you won it 4 us see you soon matey take up there and DONT DRINK TOO MUCH whilist ur up there ! cya soon matey xxxx

Ceri: today was so great chris we’re all so proud of the boys, it was GAY without you there though cuz we knw u wudve bin singin the loudest and the longest. miss u xxxxxxxx

Dave B: the matchs was great, the singing was loud and it was all for u, well done to everyone that played. the turnbull barmy army was in full force.Cya soon xxx

Debbie t: Hi my baby. The Rugby was fantastic – do I need 2 tell u ?? Cos u were there – the STAR of the show. The boys really played their hearts out. As u know I know sweet FA about the game but I could see it in their eyes they were trying soooo hard. Had a laugh with the girlies too. See – I can laugh now and again. Some of your friends r coming over at 5pm tomz to plan our walk for u. It will be nice to show them your new room too. Dad was quite emotional but he presented the trophy and spoke well. And I wore your dicky hat that apparently you wore when u had your head shaved. Felt a bit of a plonker really and poss looked it too but who cares it was great. Love you my little star. PS At the end of e game there came a beautiful rainbow over us and it felt really magical. I’m sure u were ‘somewhere’ over there xxLove and Kisses MUM xxxx

Conor: the rugby was ace obv constys team won but it was all for you mate tons of singing wasnt as loud as when you do it but you know anyway cya soon xxx

Soph: the rygby memorial match at eirias was today and it was a fab turn out. Tom constantines team won, obviously!!! lol !!! we all sang and cheered songs about you chris. it was a great atmosphere. debbie was making me laugh as she sat next to me when i was suggesting crap songs to sing!!!hope you were there lots of Lovve xxxxxxxx

Leanne x: heeey chris, lads played in a little rugby tournament against eachother today, just for you, theyd of done you proud also ALOT of singin and shoutin 4 u, u deserve it:) missin u loadsa sweetie c u soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Debbie T: Here are some words about my son that came to me. I hope u understand – and like them. Think of them when u r low and put this message into your hearts. It makes sense to me hope it will help u . xxIf I could name a flower or a shrub 4 ever in your name. It would always be a red rose. As it lives blooms, and comes back again. Blood Red, Tender, Loving, and Caring. But once gone no time for sharing until it is re-born in spring. A rose lasts 4 ever for those who beleive. It’s a lasting kiss of love – you should never miss. It’s passion, Compassion, says ‘I Love You’ ‘I miss u, smells sweet and spells everlasting love. U Chris r MY RED ROSE. Always in bloom, With a strong perfume, of Love, Caring, Passion for others, Passion for Life itself,and HUGS 4 EVER> Your petals – like tears blow in the wind as the rose dies. :esves tears and memories in ALL our eyes. Then in Summer u will return more buds, more flowers, more LOVE. C U in SUMMERTIME my beautiful rose bush. MUM xxxx

Charlotte f: hey debbie, yeah thats fine ill bring it on thursday at the rygby and come and find you, cya soon xxxxx

Debbie T: Hi Charlotte Could u let me have a copy of the France DVD as I have it somewhere but I have lost it . Could one of u remind her 4 me and ask if I could borrow it and copy it if she caht. Thanks xxxx DEBBIE Txx

Debbie T: I know its sad but – anyone who has a STEPS CD is REALLY significant to Chris and me – I just found one 2 night – It brings back so many mems xxxxxxxx DT

laura XxX: hey my bodyguard 😀 hope your doin alryte up there, i can always tell where you are at night bcos your the brightest star up there n the easyiest to see!! we miss you so so much, just to see you smile that cheeky smile once more would put a smile on all our faces to. the lads did you proud on sunday….67-0!! AMAZING!! us girls are playing this sunday against oswestry n we’ll do our best for you gorgeous. missin you each n everyday, hope your fine up there i bet heaven didn’t kno what had hitt them when u arrived, you’ve probably livend it up soo much!! love you our little angel xx

Charlotte foxley: hey chris i was watchin the dvd of when we went to france in year 6 the other day and it made me smile:) it brought back all the memories of when you me and leanne were best m8s in pyb, u used to do everything for us! i have so many memories from pen y bryn that i love to think about, and i no ur not guna like me for saying this but i remember when me u and ellen went to see monsters inc in the cinema and u cried hehe and in year 5 when you dressed up as a woman and danced around the class to ‘man i feel like a woman’ i will never forget it. u were a great mate and u will never be forgotten cya soon love you xxxxxxx charlotte

Debbie T: To All Hope u r all OK. I know its hard but keep it together and be strong. Will see u all on Thursday at the School Rugby. Lots of love Debbie T xx

Debbie T: Hi My Baby – Its 7 weeks and seems like yesterday. It will never go away. All weekend Dad and I have worked on your room. Its lovely – hey I don’t need 2 tell u do I cos’ your right here beside me. !!! I hope to put up all your pic tomoz (these wierd words your friends keep teaching me). Yesterday I went through locads of pccies of you and picked them all out. It was a lovely hour – I found mats and Mothers Day cards, and all sorts of little things u had made me when u were young. I found pics of you at Coronation Street and some lovely ones of u as a baby – you’ll always be my baby. At the weekends I imagine u r at Bens and will be home soon. It helps. I have written some more poems about u too. Love and miss u sooooooomuch. Stay Close pls xxxxxxxxMUM xx

lisa: hey chris im at home at the mo all alone nd i statred to think of you. im doing this scrapbook i do when i want to put pictures and stuff and dont u worry thers a nice big page with you in it with a rose and a postcard u sent me about two years ago when u went to tenerife. wer all missing u like crazy all my love lisa xxx

MaZ: Hey u! Its weird that its only startin to really hit me now that im not gna c u again, even though i know ur always there! I guess you dont realise how much something means to you until it isnt there anymore n then its too late! Js hope you know that i really appreciated you as a mate and so glad and privileged to have known you at all! i will always love you! Always xxx

tasha: hey chris.. i can alwyas feel you with me and evryone i miss you so much ! your seat is still saved in maths we want you back so bad chris omg!i love you 🙁 miss you so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

hollie: heeeyyyyy chris everyones missin u loads n its soo wierd without u messin about wiv all the lads in skool! lv ya loads xxxxxxxxx

Leanne: heey chris, realy missin u in maths lately its weird not havin u comin and and throwin ur bag on the table, narrowly missin me=P got ur pic up on my wall along with the little valentines card u write me in maths, they’l always stay up there, lilys growin now and her bites are startin to hurt-yey! love u loadsa and i always will xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Debbie T: PS If u find any more pice pls e mail them 2 me xxDT

Debbie T: Hi All. Nice to C u still on here. Hoping that u r closer together each day. It is also nice to know that so many people of all ages have come together on this site and again a BIG THANK YOU 2 Alex. I HOPE the Rugby Club comes off on the 20th but if not dont be sad – we will think of something. As long as we ALL pull 2 gether I know it will be OK. Looking 4 ward to being there – BOTH of us on Thurs – and girls give Mr Harding and alll those involved a BIG hug from me for doing this. With the NON uniform day AND this I am sure we can get a LIFE RAFT and poss a DRY SUIT with the Eirias name on – and its all down 2 u guys – you should be REALLY proud of yourselves 4 pulling 2 gether with the Staff 4 this. Its been a tough few days so – yes it’s OK to CRY and let go. We can ALL be strong some of the time. My parents r going on a cruise in a week or so and they really deserve it there names r Anne and David so pls pray and wish them well. Love to all Debbie T xxxxxx

steph: missin u loads was reading an old diary b4 about wen we all went swimming me u sam craig and lea lea the good old days lol love you 4 ever every 1 is missing you xxxxxxxxxxxx

Conor: Oops didnt see that ceri put about the rugby but anyway cya soon xxx

Conor: Hey Chris just to let you know there is a rugby 7’s tournament on thursday so yeah come and have a watch if you want should be good miss you loads btw xxxx

Sophie and Jo: Heya hun missin u lotsz!!!! science isnt da same without ur crazy attempts 2 wind da teachers up lmao!! 🙂 missin u. We saw Debbie 2day and she always makes time for your friends and even thou she misses u like crazy shes always strong around us and tries her hardest to keep us goin!!! were going to do a walk on the 20/10/06 and then have a bday bash at the rugby club 4 u!! (we hope anyways) it was really nice to see you 2 day Debbie! (outside Place Settings in Rhos) !!! hope you get the go ahead wit the party c u soon !! miss you Chris!! LV TO U ALWAYS X X X X X

x… jeni …x: iyaa chris xx need 2 cry so much 2 day sat me me lesson in re 2 day n we was on bwt ppl dien n how different religons do differnt fings it want nice i jstw alked out i couldnt cope me m8 has jst lost his cusen 2 luccimia 🙁 every fing seams 2 b goin rong chris i rle cnt belive ur gone im tryna stay strong but u no its soo hard seenin des picz makes me sooo upset u wouldnt belive it yano luf u 4eva plz help me frough chris luff u so much luff jeni xxxx

Debbie T: Hi Baby I still believe U R an angel. There is alot of sadness within your friends as would b exprected. As U will know all I want to do is cuddle them all and help. But that is what I need from you. Pls go to your friends at least the ones close to u and guide them to the right place. I cannot do this . Although I love them all as they know. U R the BOSS mu babe I know – Pls chris I know U can sort it out. Calm Hug and Love Your Friends and let them see how short life becomes and words mean so little said in the wrong way. I know u will do it Hug and Hold their hands for your mum. Love u All Debbie T xxxxxxx

ellen: miss you <3 so much xxx

tasha: i miss you chris cant’t stop crying rite now you x x x

Chris-s nana: I dont come on the web site too often as it makes me cry, but thankyou u all for loving my beloved grandson, I miss him dreadfully and his hugs thankyou again bye xx

Mum: I miss u more than words can say. So glad u passed your maths module. U R THE BEST. I Love u 4 ever xxxxxxMum

Debbie T: Hi All. Just 2 let u know John and I R staying at the old address as the new one has fallen through. We r going to decorate and make it different and nice. U R welcome anytime. Love Debbie and John

nana: Hi sweetheart missing u loads, love u xx

x… jen …x: hiya chris xx rle has got into me ed nw dat i aint guna c ya 4 a long tym 🙁 but ur always in me heart n in my mind bbe il neva 4 get u luff ya 4 eva n always luff jeni xxxxx

Lisa and Tasha: heey chris, last night me nd tasha were thinking about u nd we stayed up all night talking about u about the memories wev had and shared with yoou. We really miss yoou but we know your always with us somewhere. all our love lisa and tasha xxx p.s tasha says thankyoou to debbie for coming round nd appriciates it loove yoou

katie coomber: hi, you probably dont remember me, but i went to primary school with chris years and years ago and i remember when we used to play round at my house when we were little. It was a shock when I found out about chris and I’m very sorry for your loss. I had never forgotten him and will always remember him as a cheerful boy. RIP tiffa. katie xx

tasha: heylo chris your mums coming to see me tomorrow will be lovely:) missing you so much its realy kicking in now:( neva be the same but you’l alwyas be in my heat love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Debbie T: Thank u for owning up Jenni – U R a lovely girl. Love Debbie T xxxx

.x.jeni.x.: iyaa debbie x it was da poem dat my grandad had at his funeral so i fort id pass it on cus it is true aint it ! luff u all lowdz n lowdz luff me xx


Debbie T: PPS PLEASE lts ALL try not to be sad and be – just GLAD to have known OUR ANGEL xxxx DT

Debbie T: Whoever wrote the poem – if tears could – I would love to know – It melted my heart. Coming back home was a bit of a knock 2 day but I am so determined to get my project going and to get u all having some FUN fundraising. Chris would have wanted that. I’ve had lots of publicity as u know and when I kave confirmation I will tell u how big this project might be – And its soooooooo good !!!! Love u all Debbie T xxxxx

stagg: ite chris m8 i really miss yano its really startin 2 kick over 5 weeeks now and i still cant beleive it you truely were ma best m8 and now is a time when i need u, i truely love you m8 4ever x

* we luv you chris: if tears could build a stair way and memories make a lane we would walk right up to heaven to bring u home again ! no fearwell words were spoken no time 2 say goodbyes you were gone b4 we new it and only god now y our hearts still ache with sorrow and in secret tears still flow wat it meant to lose you no1 will ever know x x x we luv u chris x x x

x… jeni …x: iyaa every1 x mint picz on ea nw ! bin well shit 2 day tho well rainin :O lol missin u lodz n lodz chirs bbe neva 4 get u eva eva eva lv jeni xxx

Debbie T: Hi Everyone – just 2 Say I am back – Glad u had a party too. Missed u all Love Debbie T x

Craig W: hiya mate went to ash jones party last night but i went early lol like i do and few people went to the view and dog mountain was a good nite cya m8 🙂

alex: was really good dat nite wanit maz! a real gd nite wid debz! miss u m8! n nice graffiti for chris der sam! uv got well gd gd now!!!cya x x

MaZ: One month on n can still remember that night up angel bay like it was yesterday! I’ll keep praying for u big guy! Love always xxx

Conor: Hey Chris was an ok day today bit wet though but anyway pumas drew with the jags 2-2 and STAGGY scored a great goal for you mate anyway cya soon

Debbie T: Hi All Just 2 let u know that I am going to the Isle of Man tomorrow to be with my Mum and Dad untill Tuesday – u can still txt or send e mails etc but I wont be able 2 use my phone over there. I will get my msgs when I get back – keep those pics coming theyre GREAT. Love Debbie T xxxx

Dave Ledwith: Missin you Chris. Your Mum is doin amazin things ya know. She is helpin us all through this, shees always there for us. We’re here for you aswell Debbie 🙂 . Well done everyone on the news today, took sum guts that. Schools hopefully plannin a memorial tournament for ya Chris, so I know you’ll be watchin that. Miss ya xxx

alex: you all were great today! well done! x x miss u chris m8! another night out on friday an i knw ud love to be there and we all wish you could! i would love to see you walking up to the view with your bags of strongbow in each hand lol! lol i was thinking about the sandwiches in the train today lol such a good day that was! well dont to you all today again! bye x x

Olly: and i took in everything you sed aswel lol cya xxx

Olly: Hi debbie your in the next room along but just thought id say hi see you soon when ive got all them things you wnat me to do sorted but its no worries glad to do them

Conor: Hey Chris sorry i missed your mum and everyone on tv but from i have have read she was a real star .missin you loads and we need you in school xx

Debbie T: Hi Everyone. I just want 2 say a M A S S I V E thank u to all the boys 2 day – It has been a VERY long day – Thanks 4 the Hugs and thanks 4 the Kisses. To be there all through and 2 return to Capel Curig took pure GUTS – I love u ALL more and more each day. At present I am with Ollie – no not my cat – Ollie Biltcliffe and his mum and dad, its lovely too. Take care of eachother for tomorrow it will I am afraid be in all the newspapers locally. I am sorry if it upsets you but this is the launch of a BIG LIFESAVING campaign and in the words of Theres only 1 chris Turnbull its gonna be a FUNdraising campaign. Loads of love and xxxxxxx’s Debbie T xx

lisaaa: heeeey debbie, every1 who was on tv 2day were amazing! u were all soo lovely! must have been hard for u all that were there but u all looked fab! r.i.p chris always in our thoughts!! xxxxxxxx

Trowman: R.I.P Chris, i am missin sooo much mate. Soz i cudnt make it 2 ur funaral i was on holiday. i will miss u lodz Trowman xxxxx

Craig Smith: hey chris… missin u rite now… we need u in school.. it aint the same at all…your mum was on tele tnite and she was a real star, a brave woman she was..and the lads too especially reece for sayin his part, well done.. see ya soon chris..keep ur eye 😉 xxxx

Leanne: helooo=], debbie well done on the news u were great, ! jus want to take sure u no everyones here for u debbie, and chris im stil fukin missin u loads maths just isnt the same nemore but wel done on passin ur maths module!!! i no ud be happy 😛 see you soon <3 xxxxxxxx

tash ***: chris 🙁 miss you soo much its unreal we all do !! i reely need you rite now. jst no you’d cheer me up ! love you soo freakin much for ever xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

ellen: well done on the news debbie you were fab!! so strong love u and chris i miss u love you so so muc hxxxx

Debbs T: Whatever u do on Fri night – give an Xtra scream4 me xxxxxx Love u all Babes and Boys Deb T xxxxxxxxx

Conor: R.I.P Chris, i didnt know one person could have soo any mates, hope your keepin an eye out for everyone! miss you loads xxx

Debbie T: Hi Tiffs. Just feeling a little lost 2 night. Got a big day tomorrow on your b half. I intend to raise the roof in that press conference 4 u and I know all your friends r with us 100%. Just 2 say MISSING U MORE THAN WORDS CAN SAY. Love u 4 EVER. MUM xxxxxxxxxxx

Debbie T: Press Conference tomoz guys – C HTV News at T Time. Pray 4 me xx Love U all Debbie

Ellen: aaww what gorgeous piccss!! bet ur embarrased hehe!! lovin the sunglasses and the cute lil ringlets!! an get in ther with ur laydee friend =p i’m missin you so much babee i love you and i no that your in a safe place!! <3 xxxxxxxxxxx <3

lisaaa: what can i say chris you were such a cuute baby!! those little ringlets in your hair aww thats made my day nooow! and oh the t-shirt loving it looooadsss. i am loving the picture with you getting lucky with that girl! tehehe loove yoooou looots and looots lisaaa xxx

Jamie Smith: Sweet pics m8. Rest in peace mate

.x.jeni.x.: aww des picz r soo cute ov u chris lol 🙂 u was well cute wen u was a babi 🙂 u are simply da best no matta wah ne1 ses bbe we wil lv u 4 eva n always lv u millz lv jeni xxxx

PrEwItT: ITE M8 these picz are class of u i bet u are there just ohhhh nooo goin bright red lol o well m8 they are class hehe like i have said many times now m8 im missin u sooooo much its just not right in school without u there throwin apples or oranges at break and causin havok lol good old tiffas well get time 2 catch up one day m8 and lookin forward 2 it lol see u again m8 lv ya x

Ceri T: Hiya Debz, Hope ur alryt up there! Missin u ldz! Deres no1 2 run round beckys house turnin all the tvs on nd running up the stairs! Ne more that was a laugh! Faire doose that was a class day! Lol u were class! I love you! Sleep tight and live high in the sky! Your mum is sooo strong and ur dad! Guna go round and see them swn! Aww u were soo cute as a bby and YOU WERE SIMPLE THE BEST! U truely are! Watch over me please and tell when im doin sumut i shudnt be! Im missin you millz you were the daredevil of evethink! Guna see you soon untill then look after us all! Theres only one of you and no can replace you. Gone BUT never forgotten! Your always in are hearts! Well at least u lived your life to the max! Even tho it was short! xLoveeYouuLdzx P.s Thanks debbie 4 your email

From Debbie T xx: Alex U R A STAR !!!! Thank u soooooo much 4 these – I know the girls will like them. There are a few more as I said – You’ve made my day, Love Debbie T xx

lee: im missin u loads chris m8 u will always be in my heart, love u 4eva m8 xxxxx bava add me ive got sum pics of chris

Laura x: hia gorgeous i just wanted to tell ya that i dreamed about ya last night!! one minute you were there n the next you had gone n i woke up n thought you were still here with us but then i realised it wern’t true :'( i still can’t believe we’ve had to say goodbye to you so young, wish you were still here entertaining us once again!! the good ol days hehe, anyways babe better be goin now, sleep tite angel we all love you n miss you so much xx p.s. you’ll always be my bodyguard js like u said u were in angel bay!!!!!! xx

lana: i love you loads 4eva chris nd u wil neva b forgotton!!!love you babes xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

alex: and ne1 else that wants pictures on here. jus snd me em on msn kk! cyaa xxx

alex: yea of course olly!

Debbie T: Hi Tiffs. Been out 4 sunday Lunch 2 day with Dad and been to Nanas and Papas to feed the fish. Morgan came this afternoon and helped me send over some of our most loved ppics of u when u were young. Even your t shirt we had made when you were little said SIMPLY THE BEST – bye for now my love xxxx MUM

PrEwItT miss u m8: hey chris went up the heights last nite it was a gd laugh we were chanting loadz of stuff bout ya m8 it brought back the memory of u runnin down the street like lighning from da cops lol that was a great time and i will always keep it close 2 my heart cause that was the best nite i ever came out with u m8 u are a legend and alwys will be miss u m8. xx

.x.jeni.x.: hiya chris x hope u heard all the chants we was singin lst tym i went up da hights ! im missin ya mur da words could say bbe ! none ov us will neva 4 get u eva eva eva lv u lowdz lv jeni xxxxxx
nia: thers only one chris turnbull! love you!

olly: oh and bava if i send u a pic of me and debz can u put it on here plz m8 ?

olly: i saw a shoting star from the view im sure it was u pissed lol ! it just reminded me of u staright away m8 love uuxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

olly: i cnat wait for monday shall i tell u why im guna be shoutin ” THERES ONLY 1 CHRIS TURNBULL ” even if i do it by myself and get suspeneded im still doing it !!!! love u xxx

olly: hey went up the view agen 2day m8 GUESS WHAT doing chris turnbull chants agen hope u cud hear us from up in heaven the cops stopped us but me staph and lana were just talkin politly and they went ! it was funny but i hope u heard the chantin from heaven love you mate see you soon xxxxxxxxxxx

Debbie T: Your messages just get better and better. Amazing Rugby – so much atmosphere and so many wonderfull words spoken. Love your visits too – nice to C U Girls today. We laughed and cried and got some old ppics out too. It was lovely 2 B at your assembly guys. I just didn’t want to leave you. Mr Bowen Jones made an amazing tribute. For Chris – Days are so hard. Nights are so quiet. I wish you were here. Having a riot. I’m sure your in the right place. Up there in the sky. Each night I’m sure I hear u. Singing us all a lullaby. Although my heart is aching. My eyes are really sad. I thank you for the best years. With u I’ve ever had. My baby I love you xx4 Ever MUM

.prewitt.: theres only 1 chris turnball theres only 1 chris turnball walkin along singing a song walkin in a turnball wonderland

.prewitt.: heya m8 u would never belive how much we all miss u so much in that rugby game we played so hard just the way u would want it lol we threw a few sly digs like usuall and get wot m8 we won COME ON but it just didnt seem right without u and ya funny comments and mouthin off 2 the players but ill guess we will not have that again cause u were 1 in a million m8 its just so sad that u had 2 go like this i am going 2 miss u so much u make sure u look after urself m8

Debbie T: In Daily Post 2 Day Page 5xx

alex: hey debbie i will come over sumtime next week! but if you could email me some of the pictures now i would be very happy:) and ill put the ones you send me on sumtime today! my email adress is

Hi Alex From Debbie: Can i e mail these other pics 2 u to add on 2 the site to save u coming. Just tell me what 2 to. U R Welcome to come over eighter way.

Olly: and yesss im afraid 1 more thing ! i was talkin 2 reece 2nite and we have a plan of action ! reece is 16 so he can but lottery tickrets lol so he buys them and we win the JACKPOT nd give the money 2 ur mum shcarity how gd is tht xxxxxxxxx

Olly: oh and yes btw anothet hing you would have been proud of ! evry1 was drunk! THERES ONLY ONE CHRIS TURNBULL love you and WELL DONE TO DEBBIE FOR HER ASSEMLY xxxx

Olly: we went up the view 2nite m was a usual gathering but we were alwyas doing chants for you and we got told off 2day 4 it in school u proud ? lol every1 went in 2 referal singing ” theres only one chris turnbull” aand were doing it 2nite your a good lad see you ery soon and keep every1 safe up ther ien heaven loe you mate xxx

alex bather: hey chris! 2day as bin quite hard. chris rang me this morn and told me about ur mum today in school, and it got me thinkin of you again! it really got to me! all i can say is i miss u m8! and we wer all singin again tonite for u! lol evrytime evry is together we organise a singsong for you just lik the last time we wer camping it was a good nite that wasnt it! singing in the tent! lol speak 2 u soon m8y! i miss u! x x

xXx Laura xXx: Chris i just wanna tell you we love you so so much sweetheart n we can’t wait to see you again sometime. Your mum n dad are such fabulous people there so cool plz keep them safe!! Can’t believe it was js over a month ago we were in angel bay pissed outta our faces actin like fools 😀 but them memories will last a lifetime nd i have even more memories together!! sleep tite little angel we’re all missin you here, every single one of us, but never forget that we love you with all our hearts n that’s were you’l stay forever xx

jon bastow: never ever going to forget for the rest of my life!!! everytime i play footy im goin to b playin for you,your mum and dad!!!

Leanne: hey chris, was singin like a tit on the yard for today but ur bloody worth it, today was hard this mornin, ur mum came to our assembly-altho im sur eu wer there to, ther both so strong its unbleevable, maths wasnt the same either sat on my own now but i no iv gota work il do it for u chris:) love u and miss u so much xxxxxxxxxxxx

Shozza: hey chris, last nite was gr8 at the rugby club, it was a good turn out nd the lads did really well, im sure u saw us 2day singin THERES ONLY ONE CHRIS TURNBALL in school!!!!!! missin u loads m8 nd so is every1 else!! cya m8!!!

Ffion: Chris, last night was really good, and i hope you enjoyed watching us all singing at break!! THERES ONLY ONE CHRIS TURNBALL!! love you loads <3 x x x x x x

jon bastow: hey chris! i hope u happy wid da way we played.i dont think im going to ever do anything again where ive felt so honoured.i know you were proud of all of us and especially your mum and dad who are amazing.ill see you soon buddy!the sonsg at rugby and school were so loud and everyone sang!!!!miss you mate see ya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx p.s. try notto shave your hair again !xxxxx

Ellen: hey chris last night was fab! i no u were cheerin along and singin with us, the lads all played great, they did it all for you. your mum and dad gave lovely speeches at the end. i hope u saw us all singin in school today!! love you and miss you, see you soon xxxxxxxxx

Debbie T xxxx I lov: Sorry there’s more – Pls everyone pray for Chris’s Dad – he was and still is My Officer and Gentleman – it may be a little late for u all but I am sure your mums will know it. U MUST B strong 4 me tomorrow am – cant tell u how scared I am – I just dont want 2 let u down. However I feel that we all have an amazing bond that Chris would have been proud of and all I can say is that in the words of Mrs Elsbeth Crombie – I have lost a son and gained an amazing Rugby Team — I love U alll XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Debs XXXXXXXXX

ben stagg: hey chris, 2nite was a night u would of loved rugby and singin songs. it was truely an amzing tribute 2 u 2nite and it just proves how much u were loved, the turn out 2nite was amazing! ur parents are amazing iv never met people like them they have been so strong and are so respected by everyone there amazing!! love you debbie and john! never forget you chris m8 love u ben xx

Reece McNally: hey m8, 2nite chirs, u got the respect u deserve, such a great person an i hope u know i love u m8 an ill never forget u, always in my heart and i don’t know how something like that could happen 2 such an amazing person like u, can’t wait till i see u, just isn’t the same now that ur gon, and i hope that ur proud of ur parents m8, they’ve done u proud, and debbie and john, ill always be here for u no matter what, ull always have some1 to talk to, i love u both and i love u chris, Reece x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x

Dave B: i didnt know you that well but really wish i had of, u brought smiles to everyones faces. today was great, congrats to the rugby lads, i’m sure u were singing along with us all, ill never forget the day when you came to play ultimate with us, for your 1st time and also having the wind blowing a gale you still played amazing, just wish i could play 1 more game with you. youll always be rermbered and never forgot, watch over everyone. cya l8er Chris. P.S.thnx bather for the site is great,

Craig Smith: urite… tnite was a brill nite and was funny seein ur mum in ur shirt.. haha.. missin u loads chris and thinkin bout u now.. c ya later x

alex bather: 2nite was really amazing! the lads won it was a good result! an ur mum had ur colwyn bay top on! lol! so many people luv u and miss u. tonite was a great turnout and was a good result. and it was all for you! 🙂 speak to u l8a x xx x x

OLLY: It was weird in science today without you , i was expecting you to burst through the dorr any minute and shout 2 Mr bater ” sorry im late sir ive been with miss crombie” see yooou love u xxxx



lisa: heeeey chris the rugby match was amazing!! and the boys won yaaaay!! lol i hope you were up there singing along with us i know u were!! “thers onl one chris turnbull” and o course there is and thats you, u legend!! lots of love lisa xxx

.x.jeni.x.: iyaaa chris xx omg me 1st day at skul was well borin all da c.w n dat but i have 2 do it dnt i ! missin ya well lodz me bbe but ur safe now nuffin can hurt u no mur sleep tite angel lv u lowdz xxxxx mwah xxxxx

alex bather: hi chris da hols r now ova! n am allready struglin wiv all da c/w lol i knw ull be laughin at us now! aall struglin away! well we all miss u! and to debby and john and evry1 else ill see you all tomorrow! i miss u m8! x x

.x.jeni.x.: have fun at the match on thursday sowie i cnt b der but have lodz ov fun pplz lv u all xxxxx


Debbie T: Just 2 say that there will be some small speeches and presentations after the game. Hopefully the girlies – like myself – of course !! willl have to have some fun. Even if we dont win guys I know Chris will be shouting at the top of his voice 4 u all. Good Luck Guys . Going 2 C your new H Teacher tomoz – he sounds very nice and I am sure he will look after all of Chris’s closest friends – yu know what I mean by thT. i’M GONNA MISS U ALL GOING BACK 2 SCHOOL – BIT TOUGH 4 ME – i’LL MISS U SOOOO MUCH – nIGHT nIGHT ALL XXXX dEBBIE t X

nana: luv & miss u sweetheart, my heart is very sad xxx

MaZ: I’ve shed so many tears but I’ve smiled even more smiles, just thinkin about you and your antics! ‘We’re loving an angel instead’ Love with all my heart, always. You aren’t just a legend, you are The Legend, one and only mate!! Never stop thinkin about you xxx

.x.jeni.x.: hiya debbie n john x i hope ur feeling a bit better nw x if u every want me 2 cum 2 c u or enithing jst tell liam prweitt 2 tell me or tell me on here if u eva want a chat or ewt plz plz plz jst let me no im soo sowie 4 ur loss thinkin bout u all da tym lv u both jeni xx

chris p: hi debbie and john, how r ya. is dere nethin goin on afta the memorial match on thurs. and if u want me 2 cum rownd then plz jst say netime. cya on thurs luv ya both

Debbie T: Hi All Glad u all had a good day at Alton towers. Dont 4 get the Memorial Match on Thurs for chris – as a few of us have planned it should be STONKIN !!! Guess who’s wearing his no. 1 shirt ???? Yours truly Not sure it will match with the pink feather boa though. I’ll probable have no voice on Friday cos am I going to shout for u all. John is really looking 4 ward to it too. Lots of love – Sleep tight and just b 4 u go to bed have a peep in the sky for the newest brightest one and – make a wish or blow a kiss for me xx

chris p: hey chris,jst gt bak frm alton towers. we went rownd air shoutin debbie the whole way lol. uve probably herd ythis so many times but it wudve of bin alot beta if u were there, singin ya sngs n just causin mayhem lol. school on wednesday, lts of cource lol. cya m8 luv ya.

.x.jen n chaz.x.: hiya john n debbie x id hate 2 fink wah its lyk 4 u both 2 have lost ur son cus its hard enough 2 lose a m8 never mynd a son were all finkin bout u n u dnt understand how much we all miss chris its neva guna b the same wid out him there 2 talk 2 or 2 hav a laff with im sowie i wast at the funeral but i was away but i was finkin bout u n how hard it must ov bin 4 u both its going 2 take a long tym 2 cum 2 terms with n that jst seein pics ov him on ea mekes me fink it jst aint ryt cus he was onli young n that im sowie 4 ur loss finkin ov u jeni xxx n chaz xxxx

.x.chaz.x.: heya chris onli new u 4 a day m8 but u were propa sound n its dusent seam real dat ur gone m8 lv ya lodz lv chaz xxxx

.x.jeni.x.: hiya chris bbe xx missin ya soooo much m8 ya wouldnt belive it i jst wish u was still ea went up da veiw lst nyt but it wasnt da same wid out u der bbe u dnt under stand how much wer all missin u darlin sowei i want at ur funeral n dat bbe but i was finkin bout u all da tym it still dusent seam real dat ur gone n its gunna takes ages 4 every1 2 get used 2 it but i rle dnt want 2 get used 2 it cus i jst want u bk !! 🙁 u didnt even live ur life or ewt bbe i jst wish u could still b hear havin a laff lyk u used 2 i lv u so much bbe n im always finkin bout u all me luff in da world lv jeni xxx r.i.p chris we`ll neva 4 get u 14.8.06 xxx

craig smith n lois E: john and debbie… i give u all my love and respect… i miss chris so much.. im here for u xxxxxxxxx

craig smith n lois E: hey chris, im missin u loads m8, i need u m8.. i cant belive ur gone.. i never forget u buddy.. love u loads xxxxxxxxx

MARK , LIZ & PHIL: Chris was obviously fantastically admirded by his friends thougtht about you all loads this after noon , watched phil play for first time this season keep strong love mark,liz 7phil
lee: i dont evan no what to write, ok then, im missin u loads chris m8 u will always be in my heart, love u m8 xxxxx

chris p: hey chris, we all went up 2 the view last nite, we were thionkin bout u, there were quite a few tears shed, shows how big a part of so many peoples lives u were.i hope this website keeps goin for a very lng time. ilike the idea of spki 2 ya. lst nite were songs bout ya ” theres only 1 chris turnbull, theres only 1 chris turnbull, walkin along singin a song walkin in a turnbull wonder land” lol. you’de b the 1 startin off all the tunes usually. goin alton towers 2morrow so spk 2 ya then. luv ya m8

lisa and Joanna: hey debby, we think its an amazing idea that your coming into school, it will help us all.if you ever need any help with the Life Raft we are both here for you. We will be happy when you come along to our school. Last night joanna and i were outside in the height, and we looked up to the clouds and there were lights shining and we both said “chris’ having a party!” all our love xxx

ellen: hey chris was walkin along the prom in dudno last night and there was this propperr bright star and i was jus like ‘yep thats him’ love you. and debbie i think its a fab idea what ur doin and i hope i can help. xxx

Nia: *need ma support! speek to ya soon chris! love you 4eva! xxxxxxxxxx

Nia: heya chris tis me .. was thinkin bout ya nd cnt sleep rite now .. i duno why today like yer i bin missin yoo but today jus awful .. supose its one ov them days .. well jus wanna let ya knno im missin ya mate !! and Well done Debbie you have been so brave and look forward to seieng you in school! its a great idea to raise money and i would love to helo as much as i can! Bav this is a luvly idea huni! yano wer i am if ya ned ma suppose

jade E: wow, ur comin 2 skwl, think thats great! god i h8 cryin in skwl(i wont if i can help it) its gd money is gettin raised 4 the life raft, plz wen uv cum up with the ideas of other memorials put them on here so we can all kno. maths wont B the same! the whole skwl wont b the same. R.I.P chris XXXX jade

Debbie: PS I will be around on and off this weekend I am not going away as I thought. If anyone wants 2 call pls take a chance or phone me on 01492 543615 any more pics would be lovely. xxDT

Debbie: Hi Everyone – Your thoughts and words are just wonderfull to read and a TRUE inspiration to me. I have started to get back to work this week – it has been so hard. All my customers have been so nice and some still didn’t realise it was my son. Leanne – Chris will watching your little puppy and I am in no doubt he will be telling her to do a special pee on the carpet – just 4 him !! I too hope to get a puppy when we move – I hope to get a little girl and she will be called Tiffany and her nickname will be Tiff’s. Iknow u r all back at school next week so my thoughts will be with you all – if it is anything like my 1st week back at work – it will not be easy. But u must get on and promise me you will try hard. I will be attending a meeting with the new HT too and then I hope to speak to u all in your 1st assembly the week after. My project to raise money for a Life Raft seems to be coming together and I have a couple of ideas for other memorials too. Love Debbie T xxx

Ellen: hey chris miss u so so much!! hope your havin fun whatever ur doin, maths isnt gonna be the same an i miss ur hugs =( love u so much!! hope ur ok debbie =] love u xxx

chris p: hi chris, we r all missin the laughter u brought us. if this tragedy happened 2 sum1else u wud b the 1 helpin us all get through it so it is really difficult. I am still findin it ard 2 accept that i will never c u agen. u r the last thing on my mind when i go to bed n the first thing on my mind when i wake up. u were and always will b an inspiration 2 us all, u dint let nethin bother u, u always had a smile on ur face n put a smile on others faces. u were the heart and soul of our year, u r 1 hek of a LEGEND. Debbi and john we all the think the world of you both n love u 2 bits, u av bcum part of our group. what more can i say but thankyou jon n debbie

gaz: cris we r al missin u so bad m8 ,thngs rnt eva guna b the same wiv out u n u ment the world 2 us all,thngs r guna b pretty strange without ur presence,we all thnk about ya all da time m8 n jus rhnkn bak of all the good times weve had n thts whts helpin me right now coz u brought us laughter wen eva,debbie were all here 4 ur support,r.i.p m8

Leanne: heey chris! gues wat… i got a puppy:D i memba how i used to go on in maths about wantin one wel now i finally have one, american bulldog called lily..shes so cute not even 8 weeks old yet! shame u wont get to meet her:( watch over her though ye:) love u loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Debbie T x: PS I actually mean if anyone would like to come along on Monday when i get back.x DT

Debbie T x: Hi All – Had a bad day 2 day. Just 1 of those days when u just want 2 sleep all day. However the guys who came the day b4 were lovely and thanks 2 u all. I enjoyed showing u all the pics of CJ when he was much smaller. I am poss going on a course on Friday and will be back on Sun so if anyone would like 2 come along – I think we need Alex – the creator of this wonderful site to come too and help put these piccies on as i am sure you will love them. Thanks guys agin you r supporting me more than u know xxxx Debbie T

>>PREWITT<<: Miss u m8. debbie if u need any help at all moving house or just sum1 2 speak 2 then all of us are here 4 a helping hand u and jon have been gr8 with all us ladz while we all have gone threw this tradegy and id like 2 say a huge thank u from all the ladz love ya loadz u and jon a star thankz

Ceri: chris your one in a million your incredible and youll never be forgotten!! still cant believe your gone but i guess you wont ever be really, not completely cuz youll always be in our hearts n our thoughts, everyone loves u so much chris dont ever forget that cuz we wont ever forget you! sweet dreams darlin n rest in peace xxxxxxx

tom roberts: good idea bather and its a good site m8 speak 2 u soon l8az

tom roberts: hey debbie m8,just wanna tell u how much i miss u n wish i cud av took ur place,and i want u 2 know that ur mum n dad r safe im sure all the lads will look after them.every time i see a pic of u or talk about u i feel like i wanna cry .i dont wanna have 2 say bye but i have 2.ill miss u and be thinkin of ya m8ie R.I.P xxxx

lisa: hey i just want to say how much chirs touched a part of all our lives. its going to be very hard for us all in school but we know chirs is with us and is watching over us. debby i have to say you are one in a million you are so strong and amazing r.i.p chris love you xx

chris p: hey m8, a few of us r goin alton towers on sunday, u used always say in school that u wanted to book a trip ato alton towers now were doin it but some how u wont b there in person neway, im sure u’ll b doin the big 1’z aswell lol. newayz spk 2 ya soon luv ya m8st

steve: ite m8 missin u loads ur a legend and will be in every1s hearts rest in peace
dan: ite m8 im missin u loads, stil cant believe ur gon! im nt lukin forward 2 skool at all, fings wont be the same!! lol r.s gna b borin nw! anyway im gna go nw r.i.p m8! nd debbie n jon, wer all ea 4 u if u need us!! luv dan x x

>>PrEwItT<<: ite m8 its hard 2 say goodbye but im gonna have 2 i knew u 4 a year m8 and u were class m8 gonna miss all the stuff we used 2 get up 2 lol ( chris consintine) wont 4get dat matey 😛 gonna miss u loadz m8 r.i.p

tasha: heey debbie! i would love to go out somwhere but as i wrote in the letter i’m stil on hols! i threw a rose into niagra fall for him just as u sed and i keep a picture of chirs with me to. im bak late sunday so i hope its ok if i ring you after school one day then you can come round or whatever:) ok much love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

matty, chris p, drew: ite m8 missin u sooo much, went round 2 see ur mum 2day helpin her move boxes 4 the move. she was really strong 2day m8 we looked at all of ur baby photos found a few of u in the bath lol, skwl is guna be sooo borin now that you have gone m8, gd luk debbie n john moving into your new house i no things wont b the same but we r all here 4 ya weneva ya need us

Debbie T: PS My Tel No is 01492 543615 and mobile to txt or phoe is 07879648568. Also we are not moving until end of month of September. xDT

Debbie T: Hi All Just 2 say – it has been lovely to read all your comments. It keeps me going – if I have been out the first thing I do is look on here when I get home. My mum found it really amazing yesterday and wrote her little bit too. Tasha – I would love to talk 2 u asap b 4 you go to school as I would love to hear what you you had 2 say to Chris – poss could we have a coffee somethwhere. Keep those pics comin 4 me guys they are lovely. Its so awful getting up in a morning without my lgorgeous boy. Keep in touch all xx Debbie T

tasha: its hard to belive that such a main part of many peeples life has gone… he will alwyas be with us all and taking care of us ! i love him so much and hav many many many endless memories to share about him he was a top guy easy to get on with and is gna be difficult to go on without in the sky sweet heart ill alwyas be thinken of you and i will see you agen one day:( love you with all my heart and miss u so much ps. your chair is saved in maths and scianec forver ok:) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Nia: Hiya hun! jus cumin to say you really will be missed! i duno wat 2 say reli part from i wil always luv ya .. known since the day you walked in2 pen y bryn you was guna be a gr8 laff nd i was rite! still am rite! fave memory ov you was in alton towers yr 5 ! on the log flume .. me you leanne char f nd felicity! great day ! still got the pic to remember it! guna keep it 4eva!! nd ur guna stay in ma heart 4eva too hun! nuffinks eva guna be the same hun .. nd i kno ya probz lookin dwn hearin this finkin omg nia ya idiut nd laffin at me but yano x i miss you x the las fing we talked bout was you bein a bouncer at ma 16th nd nw ya ent even guna b ther wich is a real shit shame babes! but ill be finkin ov you! wateva ya doin now i bet the you got the people round ya smilin as ya always did bring eveyone to smile! well babes time for me to go cz ya gettin bored of me probz!! neva 4get ya babes! sleep tite darelin!! love you !!

alex bather: hi m8! went to a party last nite, wanted u der m8 wuda of bin mor a laugh n da bois need u! lol. speak 2 u soon m8y!

chris p: hey m8, i dnt no wat ur doin rite now but i bet dat u r makin people laugh as that is wat u spent ur life doin, u were a gr8 freind u were always cheerin people up. i am so sorry that i wasnt here 4 your funeral i tried my best as and i no that u wud of done the same thing because that was just the person u were. i have bin feelin realy down lately jst like every1 else but now i have seen ur mum n dad they av helped so much n av reminded us all of all of the good times as we have had so many. i miss u loadz m8 R.I.P.

matty b: ite m8, missin u loads m8, its bin so borin since u have bin gone m8, school is goin 2 be so borin aswell now.hope u r ok up der. u have made us all cum close together,ur mum and dad have been great aswell, they’ve bin reali strong.R.I.P m8. cyax x

Chris Nan & Papa: Hi Darling – Miss U Love u Always thought u were a rum b*****. and were up to far more than u told me !!! The old Vodka bottle doesn’t seem to be going down the same – and tastes stronger too. Maybe its cos there’s no water in it !!! Thank you ALL so much 4 being Chris’s friends and loving him as we did. Lot of luv 2 all of U xxx

Craig W: it’s no problem about yesterday debbie and i’m sure i can help you sort some stuff out in your house you just say what day 🙂

jade E agen: so shed a smile,a grin a tear, for u my friend, will b, forever young, forever in our hearts, we see not through or misery, forever young, there’s a new angel in the sky!!!, this poem is perfect i found it on the internet nd it fits. chris was SIMPLY THE BEST! love to his parents hu wer great on weds xxxxxxx

Debbie T: PS R there any more photos out there u can e mail 2 me or bring me to copy and i can give them back 2 u. My e mail is you can e mail me at ANY time if u need 2 talk. xxxxDeb T

Debbie T: Sorry Craig we met my mum and dad and went out 4 Sun lunch 2 day. I think we saw u walking along the road. As u know we r moving soon and I would appreciate any help i can get to get some boxes out of my attic. Do any of u havve a couple of hrs 2 spare Tues or Wed or even tomoz. OOps i4 got 2 say – boy r they heavy !!! Love all your little ditties on here – nice 2 read them – its the first thing i do when i come home. Love and Kisses 2 all Debbie T xxxx

Ryan: I have done a page like this if any1 would like to sign it! , bye!
ryan: To chris’ mum n dad, I am sorry about your loss , he was a good lad and very popular, he will always be with us in our hearts, stay tough, bye x god bless

Debbie T xxx: IPls cme and C us soon guys – we r already missing u. I av already started 2 sort out tifs stuff and it has been awfull. I feel that certain things will b the best 4 certain ones of u and if u come 2 C me u may not get them on that day. This is so awfull. PLEASE keep this site goin as i have nothin left – if u decide 2 do a nother i would b honoured if u would let me know. xx Love u all az always DT xxxx

gina: I didn’t even no chris but i’ve just read through all the msg’s ppl have left and he sounds liek an amazing guy. It’s hard loosing sum1 so my respect goes to all his friends and family. R.I.P chris i’m sure you won’t be forgotten xxxxx

Craig W: Hi John and Debbie me and alex will be down tomorrow just for a chat and to see how your doing guess we will see you tomorrow then hope your in 🙂

alex b agen: to john and debbie me and craig are coming to see you tommorow, if u r not der it ok we will see u anova time we just want to make sure u are ok. cya tommorow.

Olly: John and Debbie are amazing for everything they’ve done e.g. countless amazing different speaches and things like gettin involved with the rugby club , people wil always be visiting them and looking after them so dont worry about that ill see you soon xxx

alex bather: hey m8! i visited capel curig today! and i saw all da flowers shows ow much ppl r missin u, an ow many luv u, i really miss u m8, dese last 2 weeks av bin upsetin an borin widout u, we all miss u:( cya m8

Olly: Well what can I say that has’nt already been said ? Its all true ! Everyone knew him or at least knew of him because he was a charecter always the loudest and all ways had to be best at whatever he did whether it was rugby or simply being the most daring , he’d always do anything to put a smile on a friends face and he will be missed by absolutly everyone and never forgotten YOU’RE A HERO ! P.S YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE A SPECIAL PLACE IN MY HEAR OLLY

bethan n hannah: u were and always will be a true legend! you totall and utter nutcase.sleep tight xxx

..Shel..: dint reali no chris dat well realli but e woz scha luvly lad an weneva a saw im e woz alwayz laffin an smilin an iz juz generally a luvly lad…. all ma 4tz r wiv iz family an friends atm an am juz so sorry it appened… specially 2 sum1 az nice az chris!! luvyaa rip bbes xXx

**hayley n beci**: rip chris hun wer guna miss ya 1 oclock fon calls bbe ur so funi n nice every1 is guna miss ya lv yooo *x*x*x*x*xmwah*x*x*x

keano: RIP m8 u wer a fokin legend nd a wikid lad, lived 2da max. sleep tite m8 xx

kate: chris u were a legend, and i will never forget shakin you bum at me in school, you really made me giggle, and your really gunna be missed around school, take care and say hi to rhodri for me!!! you 2 wil get on well! ill see you one day and we’ll party up there with biggy, sweet dreams dude x x x x

rip: rest in peace hun, my thoughts are with all ur family an friends xxx

adz: didn’t reli kno u but all de ppl up by mine tht knew u still miss miss u lds. R.I.P chris

Debbie and John T: Hi all. What can I say – what a GREAT send off we all had yesterday. I am sure you will all agree – the church was wonderfull – and lots of the old fogies said how lovely you all were and how nice it was to C the gorls in their ‘top totty gear’. We will never 4 get that whole day and I loved to C ‘The real you’ guys at the end. I just wanted to get in there 2 – although at my age I’d have poss broke my leg. I love you all more and more each day and just cant say other than YOU WERE ALL SIMPLY THE BEST – God Bless xxx Debbie and John T XXXXXX

Tom scanlon: didnt realy now u tht much chris bt i did a bit i new how popular u were an how many ppl are heart broken 4 u r.i.p chris turnbel m8 n i no i didnt no u tht much bt i now 4 a fact tht u will neva b forgotten well done reece u tried ure best m8

Ffion: Chris, i can’t belive your gone but you will be in mine and everyones heart forever. I’m gunna miss your crazy ways and how you always made everyone laugh and eatin lunch with you every monday!! You’r a complete LEGEND!! – R.I.P..You’ll never be forgotten, Love you x x x x x x

alex agen: yes ur mum n dad wer fantastic x

Ryan: Alryt Chris, ya funeral was a succes and ya mum n dad did well, anyway take care love to the family! c ya x

Morgs: Hey Chris, Hope your good mate. Had your funeral today. Went pretty well and once again your mum and dad were fantastic. They’re whats keeping everyone so strong throughout this. Played your song today, lol hope you liekd it. Your dad helped me by giving me some of his pint!!! HERO. Just wanna say again how much you mean to us all fella. You’ll NEVER EVER be forgotten. Love you Chris. Love you John and Debbie. Love you all. Morgan x

alex bather: theres only 1 chris turnbull, ur simply the best, great sing song for chris today, chris u wer a true legend and no1 will ever forget u, and debby and jon ui wer great today x x xx x

StAcE: CHRIS- you were best mates of loads! i dont thnk der wud b 1 persn whu ddnt lyk u! u were funny,caring and if any1 waz in need you would alwayz b der! ur a true legend! n no1z guna 4gt tht! LOVE U xXx


Debbie Anne T: Just want 2 say that I am so grateful 4 this site. John did try to say somehing tonit but he is so emothional it wont come. Tomorrow is ALL our big day – you must rememer we are ALL his family – so even when t is ever mentioned ‘FAMILY’ to me means all of s. I am – like u poss so scared of showing emotion as I/ we – John and I don’t want 2 let u down. Just do your best on SIMPLY THE BEST as that is the one 4 me – sorry guys I am also a party animal just like CJ Rapster. Again I love u all we all need eachother tomorrow – John – Me and u and PS thought I’d get a few tissues 2 so I will give them out tomoz. Love u all – Pls be united – pllease love eachother from me and John LOVE AND KISSES XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

dave: chris nly new im from msn but one hell of a laugh doh he was gr8 to speak to m8 es soooo sound y did it appen to im, not gonna be the same wid out ya mate ya wer nown by loads , liv in da sky m8 n ya foreva by in our hearts xxxx

x Emz x: Awww.. Didnt kno im… But r.i.p xxx

Leanne: debs u wer one hell of a lad and a complete legend and one of the funniest guys iv ever known, cant believe you wont be there makni me laugh in maths nemore gettin me into trouble and gettni urself into trouble even more!! things definitely wont be the same anymore…love you so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

sam x: rip chris.. i no ow it feels 2 lose sum1 an i neva new ya but ya swnd like a ryt laff! sleep tite chris xx luk afta tom 4 me ! xx

ellen: miss u chris u were such a great guy i’ve known u for so long and i’ll never forget u. ur fab, one of the kindest, funniest greatest people i’ve ever met well done bather for makin this page even tho ive not spoke to u in a while. rip debz <3 always in our hearts

lisa: i just want to say what a great guy chris was! in our form he was the funniest guy alive makin all of us laugh soo much and always kind sharing his sweeties bless you will be missed by every1. r.i.p chris u legend love you xx

Morgan: What can I say Chris? You meant everything to anyone who knew you. You were the life and soul of the parties that happened and were one of the nicest and most thoughtful people/friends ever. Just like everyone else has said I can’t believe any of this happened and especially to you. Everything about you will be missed from the good times and the bad times. Just so your know we’re all here for your mum and dad who are being absolutely amazing through all of this. Well I’m not very good at these kind of things so I’ll call it a draw at that. One last thing before I go. Love you mate. X

[x]Gemma and Fern[x]: R.I.P Chris babes your a star missin you loads! we didn’t know you for that long but you were really sound and we’ll never forget you! lvya bbes xXxXxXx

jade E: CHRIS u wer 1 in a million, skwl will nva b the same with-out u!! u will always bin in our heatrs, everyone liked u nd u’ll nva B 4gotton. i’ll always remember & lv ya XXXX

stagg: chris u were an absolute legend m8 youll never be forgotten jus still cant beleive it bud il always lv ya m8 daaah x

XAishaX: i never really know debz but i spoke 2 him 4 lng tym on msn and he was such a nyc lad 2 tlk 2 wen i was dwn i always tld him wt was wrong wid me and he always help me out and mde me larf was thinking bout cumin up 2 see eery1 i tlk 2 from up dere and tink i still will but i cnt meet da 1 and onli debz 🙁 im really sori 4 all of his m8s and his family i really really feel 4 you all R.I.P Debz babes you will be in every1s heart babes….every1 will b missing you and i defo miss tlkin 2 you babes xxxx xxxx xxxxxxx

MaZ: I don’t knwo what to say really! Won’t ever be the same without you, always lookin out for everyone! Keep smilin that great big smile of yours mate. Realised last night just how much you’ll be missed, sooo many people turned up n that was all for you!! Love you always…xxx

Debbie Anne T: Sorry gur – can’t sleep – know u understnd – pls promote this site to everyone – just cant let go – luv u loads thankks Debs

Deb and John T xx: Hi all – I cannt talk youf funny talk – but I can just thank u all from the bottom of mine and johns hearts. I have 2 say what a wonderfull day I had with you all 2 day and feel proud to have spent such precious time with you. You give me the reason to get up in a morning. John will also write his ‘mans bit’ tomorrow or within the next few days – we love you all soooooh much – Debs and john xxxxxx – You MUST try 2 have some fun it’s OK. Night Night God Bless D and JT xxxxx Debbie Anne T

miller: i stil im shocked m8 u wer always der 4every1 always laughin nd jokin u wer da best m8 any1 cud eva hav u will b missed so much b every1 who know ya!!!! you will always b in m8 heart m8 nd nev forgotten!!!! R.I.P chris m8

Sammy x x x X: I still cant believe that ur gone, i know i didnt know u dat well bt i memba in d woods n ya let me use ya fone n ya made me laff 4d rest of d nyt. i can still picture u standin by e block wif all ya mates jus smilin away n dats how im gona rememba u, always smilin. rest in peace x x x X

Consty: R.I.P Debz lad, You were always a gr8 mate an watched my back on the rugby field. Miss ya so much m8. Everyone will.

jen: i dnt no yah but i tlk 2 chris on msn so i fort id pay sum resect! u seemd such a nice lad nd ino ull b gr8li mised! my heart is wi u nd ur m8s nd family! so sorry xxxxxxx

Craigy W: never thought i would be saying goodbye to you mate you have always been a great mate to me since primary school and without a doubt you will be very sadly missed i can’t believe your gone but we know your up there R.I.P Debz lad

xXx Laura xXx: you were one in a million bud, no-one can ever take your place,there was only 1 chris turnball around!! god took you away with him because you were an angel on earth and you belonged with the angels up in heaven….live in the sky babe keep on partyin on up there but always keep watchin us n lookin after us like u always did here, love you and miss you so much sleep tite always in our hearts <3 xx
drew: i cnt beleve its happend 2 u m8 jus wouldnt of thought it 🙁 ur guna missed so much by every1 u were a gd m8 2 us all nd we couldnt of asked 4 a betta 1 R.I.P m8
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