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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hello All

It is approximately 11.30 pm on Monday 10th March. As I write this and think back for just a few hours away I had no idea that the experience I have had this evening would or could inspire me more !! I am sure those who know me would think that !! However, all that I can say is that tonight ‘I feel humbled to the point of whiich that I cannot explain.

This is tonights story ……

It started today – I am expecting a delivery of a Laptop – crucial to what I am doing. It has taken all day to get nowhere !! That is another story. I am telling you this because I ALMOST did not come to this meeting because of ‘The Laptop’.

I was offered the opportunity of a lovely lady who at present wishes to remain anonymous to go along with two other people to Alder Hay Hospital and sit in on the Board meeting of the CHILD DEATH HELPLINE. On the way there – as you do – myself and two strangers began slowly to unfold our own personal tragedies. I suppose at first we chatted ‘ guardedly’ if you know what I mean. We then began to empathise with each other and relate in a way that I found personally incredible that I should meet OTHER people who ACTUALLY FEEL like I DO !!!!!!!!!! 19 months down the road – and here today I met two people WHO UNDERSTOOD !!!

We arrived at the Alder Centre and were met with what I can only describe as peacefull, tranquill, kind caring, gentle people. As you can imagine me being me – I was already overcome. The beautifull centre we were escorted around and the picture created was profound. And there was more….

People began to arrive – ALL like me – some 15 and 20 years down the road – but still here – still grieving and still SHARING their experiences with ME. I only wish I had known about this when CJ died.

The presentations were powerfull, passionate and inspiring, the stories were told with such overwhelming conviction and many eyes were full…….. We then watched a DVD about the service and the CENTRE – a CENTRE I can only say of ABSOLUTE EXCELLENCE !!!!!

Afterwards we ate and mingled – all seeming to still make sense of our own loss, but with others who said – YES – I did that !!!!

I am tired, inspired and just want to help that lovely group of people so VERY much. Because I NEED those people too and will be proud to help in ANY way I can.

Thank you for such a very special INVITATION.

God Bless xx

Debbie Turnbull

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